Monday, September 24, 2007

Geram betul....

Not really the smarter choice...

Today, memang geram for me... Stupid Maxis center in Taipan. Instead of a two thumbs up from me, You receive a two middle finger, raised high up for your services... Memang geram... Since you are already wrong, apologize la..
Not argue with your customer even more... Cis... No business sense one. And when the customer is me, you die la... How can you make the same mistake as the last time. And I get scolded some more.. Thats why they get a two middle finger from me. First off, they forgot to register me with my supplementary line(my GFs) then I got charged so much, like what... RM510.... when I only used only Rm70++ including with my girlfriend's... then thats not all... I went back for the first time to get it connected and for them to change their mistakes, they calculated and told me my line will be ok the next month and said that the amount that was an extra will be forwarded at the same time... NOooooo.... they barred my number when it reached rm510... When its their prob... And said that I haven't pay my bill.. Like what theeeee.... Then I argued.. Got to the point where I only need to pay Rm140... Excluding the extra that I paid... Went back, Calculated, then I wondered. Why in the world did i pay rm200+ for a bill worth only rm120? Then i went back today... You know what the girl at the counter asked:"Whats the problem?" In canton, and even worse In a sarcastic manner... Like what the heck.... you say that to a customer ar? Then argue bout how she is right... then bout how much i needed to pay... Then I took out my calculator, and counted right in front of her nose... Then she answered in a dumb-a** way.. :"Then how much you wanna PAY?" Like another WHAT THE HECK!!!! Bribery ar? Sh*t la... Why do I wanna bribe you? Why in the WORLD do I need to bribe you? You should be bribing me to get your a** out before I sue you.. I just wanna get my bills settled... You overcharging me and I am to blame.... Maybe I should.. I mean SUE... I am of legal age any way... I need a lawyer.. Anyone up for grabs? HAHA... And then she went to ask her colleague, then found out she was wrong... She didn't apologize you know.. She just freakingly replied in a sarcastic:"OK lo... We move it to next month." Then I asked:"You think I got lots of time to come back and make sure it is right ar?"
Then she said:" Then how?"
me:" Cancel la. Deposit how?"
Maxis girl:" Then when you walk out the door later, you cant use oh.. We going to cut. Deposit used to pay the October bill."
me:"Then what about the forwarded? The depositisRM125 and you owe me 54.54. How?"
Maxis girl: *tries to explain*
me:"Nevermindla just cancel!"

Then she go cancel.. Then when she was done:"Ok done, You can't use it anymore.. But you need to settle this months bill when it come on the 10th of Oct.."

Me:" Fine, See you next month(sarcastically)"
Maxis girl:"OK lo"

HAHA... Ok your head... If i find out still got problem, you better make sure your manager is ready to see me... Cis... Make me so angry... Any way.. MY MESSAGE TO MAXIS!!!! First of all, HIRE SOME DECENT PEOPLE LA!!! I enjoy your Plans but THE CUSTOMER SERVICES, THE PEOPLE YOU HIRE.... SUCCCCCKKKKKSSSSSSS BIG TIME!!! Do something bout it... For now, I am going to be a Digi fan... I believe their saying Digi-Always the smarter choice... No hassle...

P.S. The worker's name start with the letter J. Something like Julie... IF you wanna fire her that is....

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