Monday, September 17, 2007

Mini Malaysia - 05-04-07

So today, I am going to bring you back to the past... To April 2007.. And the place we will be heading for is Mini Malaysia located in Air Keroh, Melaka. I know I know, it might not be as interesting as Uncle Chilies or KLPAC but in fact, I felt that that was one of the most interesting place I been to in Semenanjung so far. Mini Malaysia is interesting in a way cos you are able to see all the 13 different traditional houses which can be found in Malaysia. Including Sabah and Sarawak. When I say traditional, I mean those wooden houses on stilts. Sorry, no Chinese traditional houses.. Yea, cos we are not "bumis"- for those who dunno what is Bumis, it means locals, like the American Red Indians.

Arizz, Anderson and Kat in front of the 13 flags...

Perlis House

Pulau Pinang house

Kedah house

Perak house

Selangor house

Negeri Sembilan house

Johor house

Kelantan house

Terrenganu house

Pahang house

Melaka house

Sabah Long house

Sarawak Long house

Its very interesting to see why they built the houses like that. Whether it be natural disasters, enemies or wild animals. Being a Malaysian and one day an architect, I know that knowing the Malaysian Cultures are important for design.. HE HE...( MAYBE) or maybe I just start my own line of designs...
Oh well, Hope this post didn't bore you to sleep... Well, you have to go experience it yourself...
As usual, I am going to Close this post with random pictures of my course mates...
Some have become my college mates because they are taking interior design..

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