Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dear Friends of SABD 2007(March intake)

Yo guys.... We finished one year in SABD already... It has been a truly wonderful and exhilarating year and I believe we did learn alot of completely new things.... Well, to everyone, HAppy holidays!!! Hope to meet up real soon(not, cos I want my holidays to be longer...)---> believe everyone thinks the same.. Well, meet to play then.... Cheers to a wonderful year and to new friendships.. Thank you, to the lecturers, though strict and yes, one is most of the time B****Y , Well, Thanks for having the patience to teach us.. To the Fun lecturers, Hope you teach us next semester... To the one who are sorta (very) boring, ermmmmm, sorry to say this but.... PLEASE DON'T TEACH US!!! HAHA... Just kidding... Have a fun holiday all...

Signing off, Aaron

P.s. Please still check into my blog... Will still be updating from my hometown (more personal though) HEHE....

P.s. P.s. Sibu has internet line

P.s. P.s. P.s. Sibu is not in Sabah and no, we Don't live in trees, we live in the land of food!!!!


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