Friday, December 21, 2007

Short update!!

Sorry bout the lack of updates in my blog recently.. December has always been one of the busiest month of the year-for me that is. Just got back from church camp last week which was held in MUKAH!! Wohoo.. That was refreshing.. Then of course, there is the flood in Sibu town which really wasted my time when I wanted to go somewhere. And now I am busy preparing for Christmas which is just a few days away.. Gonna have some crazy days ahead so I apologize for the lack of post and this short update... I am Okay by the way.. For all those who prayed and worried about me (Or still are) because of the dengue, You have my sincerest thanks and also that I am fully recovered now.. Thanks for the care.. For those who read my blog. I apologize for the emptiness in my blog for this holiday.. But I will like to wish all of you, no matter where You are a Merry Christmas and Season Greeting from Till my next post.. Ciaoz... Thanks for reading...


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