Thursday, February 7, 2008


The day we all been waiting for is finally here... Fireworks were filling the skies tonight. We can blame global warming on Sibu tonight... It was loud, but sadly, there was not many variations for this year... Maybe its because of the Rat year.. Timid little creatures but smart. But, I don't like rats. It is only for Chinese New Year.. Had a great dinner. Traditional Foo Chow food for this year's reunion dinner with my uncle's family and grandparents. Helped dad in the kitchen the whole afternoon to prepare the Eve's dinner. Typical Foo Chow dishes like Shark fin Omelette with lettuce (not cooked, fresh), Sea Cucumber soup with meatballs, Mixed mushroom dish with broccoli, Bak Gui (Ermmm.. Dunno what is it called in english), Fried noodles, Siew Mai, roasted Duck, Steam Fish, and herbal egg. The only thing non Foo Chow is the sushi and Rendang. Sorry to those who are overseas and can't return.. Just imagine the taste.. If you want the recipe, just ask from me. HAHA....

Dinner table at Grandma's place

Bak Gui

Shark Fin Omelette

Roast Duck

Mix Mushrooms with veggie

Siew Mai (Foo Chow Dumpling)

Sea Cucumber soup (traditional style) with Meat balls.

Bak Gua Sushi..

Throughout the dinner, Fireworks were already blasting into the sky in my neighborhood. The sky was lighten up with magnificent colors and patterns and the little children "WOOO" and "Ahhh"s can be heard. Fire-crackers, in belief that it would scare off the evil spirits and bring in wealth and luck for the new year can be heard one after another. ~Fireworks and fire-crackers is a must in Sibu. Without it, the feeling of the Chinese New Year celebration couldn't be felt and it wouldn't be enjoyable. ~ After the feasting and the talking, had to head back home to do last minute preparations and wait for the 12 midnight firework show, which is kinda an annual thing in my neighborhood.

Even before the clock struck 12, people were already starting to play with fireworks. Tried to get some pictures of the fireworks but out of 20, I only got one which looks nice.

The View at my balcony.

The start of a New Year Ahead!

And the things we have to face in the future...

Should always start with a Bang!

And when we see red,

Never forget to relax and instead, shine away from the angers and the difficulties...

So aim for the sky...

And with everything, enjoy your coming year...

Squeekidy Squeek Squeek... Happy Chinese New Year... Will update more soon...


The Line improves.....

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woei said...

the food looks so nice.....esp the bak gua sushi..haha
happy chinese new year
dong dong chiang!!!