Saturday, October 25, 2008

TPC first flashy member meeting 08'

T.P.C. had its first meeting (finally) after many meetings and discussions between the new directors of the club on Thursday evening with an attendance of 30++ people. Not bad really, some of us were expecting more, while some were expecting only 10 people. HAHA. But we had to launch it anyways. It was considered as a successful meeting because we saw many new faces in the club and the response by them were generally great.

Whats with the face? Hey, I am not lying okay...

Though we started slightly later due to venue problems and because we delayed another 15 minutes for some who might be late. But the rest of the time, the meeting ran smoothly.

HAHA... First off was the introduction of the new committee members by Wai Sie, T.P.C.'s prez. And then it was the introduction to the rest of the things like the shirt, events, etc.

After all the boring talk (sorry Y.C., it was not that boring), it was time for an ice-breaking session. SO what did we do for our ice-breaking? Guess what, the theme for the game was cam-whoring. We passed pieces of paper down to the members and also the EXCO, then we asked then to write one word that describes themselves. Sounds easy? Nope, the next thing to do is to sign your name and pass the paper back to us. Then we distributed the papers. Of course no one is going to get their own paper. You will be getting the other people's and what the person holding the paper will have to do is to find the person, then pose for him/her camera, the thing that describes the one snapping the photo. Sounds fun? Well, I didn't enter the game because I wanted to snap moments of the game. I can't wait to see what the members produced. HAHA. Will be seeing the pictures they took (hopefully) during the weekend.

So here are some of the moments during the game.

Darren introducing and explaining the game

Sherman got this piece of paper. "Quiet". Hmmmm... All it reminds me of is his sleeping pictures. HAHA...

Acting cool for what? I thought you were suppose to be messy?

This is the best time to see natural posers as well.

"Penang Girl" HAHA.... Aaron L sure is 100% a natural poser.

Daphne is shocked? I thought she was a natural?

See... Natural..... Guess the word people!

Nyah!- she got Sherman's paper and Nyah was the word.

Some were such good posers that as soon as the camera points at them, they pose.

The game did warm up the atmosphere. We got to know the members and they got to know us better. Which is a good thing. I just hope that this will be the start of a new begining for the club. We really want to inspire others to be phlashers like us.

Thats all folks. Oh ya, after seeing all the poses, I dubbed this the Lamest pse. You know why....

Signing of,
Phlasher Ron.


Blu3_Darren said...

Hey, you can actually do the 1st post for tpc blog.

Aaron C. said...

HUh? I tot let the web do it? Isnt it better?

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HAHA...Well, I did already. Sherman just have to publish it. HAHA