Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Went to Petaling Street with Gordon and Sherman after "tutorial" class with Mr. Chiew for structures yesterday. It was well, boring as usual but I managed to keep myself awake throughout the class because less than a quart of the number of students attended the class so the lecturer can monitor the class easily. Okay, back to the topic. Sherman and Gordon invited me to follow them to Petaling Street because Sherman wanted to get a pair of shoes and Gordon just wanted to look around and take photographs so knowing that I was bored with 3D Max and all and that I love photography, they asked me to come along. Well, yes, Petaling Street is nothing to SHOUT OUT LOUD about but it is a great opportunity to do some people stalking photography (in a good way of course).

It was a Monday afternoon so there were not many locals there (Locals as in Malaysians) and since I am an asian, I feel intrigued to take pictures of the foreign tourist who comes to visit Malaysia.

Petaling Street is FAMOUS for its pirated/look alikes goods and yes, the only reason people buy them is because its cheap and it looks 80% like the originals. Don't believe me, head down to Petaling and see for yourself. L.V. bags, branded shoes, Rolex... You name it. But little did people know, they are some very nice and sort of "cheap" local dishes that you can find at Petaling Street (if you are okay with eating at an alley or a walk way). But I am sorry to inform you that I was not in the mood of taking food pictures this time round. Awwwwww, right? Well, I don't want those who are overseas to get homesick after reading this post so yea, NO FOOD PICTURES!

See what I mean, so freaking real and usually it cost around RM45-50 so don't get cheated ya. Bargain bargain bargain. No matter how much you bargain, they still profit so get as low as you can.

Okay, sorry sorry, maybe just one. Was stalking those eating "Tau Fu Fa" right next to the stall.

I am surprised to see that some of the foreigners knowing how to bargain. Usually, they will be cheated but nowadays, it different. They will stop, take a look and say:"Nahhh, too expensive. Cheaper?" Then when they didn't get the price they wanted, they walked away. HAHA.. They definitely learned the skills of bargaining.

Many different races of tourists. Wait, what do I see at the back?

Hmmmm... People in uniform. If I am not mistaken, these are DBKL officers right? Correct me if I am wrong. I wonder what their duties were. Standing there and chit chat maybe?
I don't know. I just find that the officers in Malaysia are kinda slacking these days. Not the ones that I know but the overall. Know why? Because the Police officers I see around the city are usually fat, and I mean FAT. 2 times my size I think and believe me, I admit I am on the heavy side.

Surprisingly, there were some buildings that really attracts me and this is one of them. Yes, its old and all, and has plants growing on it but somehow, it shows character to me. Maybe I am just delusional. Well, while Gordon and I were taking this building, a guy was looking puzzled to why we were taking pictures of such an old building. Maybe he stays there, who knows. HAHA..

Right next to the old building where we were standing and taking photos of, I noticed this florist, who doesn't just sell flowers but also bouquets of toy pigs (soft toy that is) and teddy bears. Hmmm.... Interesting. If it were me, I rather receive a bouquet of roses made out of money. But so far, I haven't seen those being sold in the market. But yes, I know about it because my aunt taught me how to make it before but I didn't really bother to make it because its not an easy task to do.

Oh well, its back to work for me. Trying to enjoy my break as much as possible so sometimes, I just need a break to get my creative juices flowing.


phe said...

love all the pics u took!! great job!!! n i hope u'll get the rest u need when u're having breaks from doing works.. may God continue to encourage u with His words..

Aaron C. said...

thx phebes

Philip said...

Nice series. Pat on the back for being brave enough to snap all those pictures.

Aaron C. said...

HAHA... Thanks. It was kind of easy cos i had a friend doing the same thing at the same time.