Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun with Wesley Youths

Wesley Youths had a short skit yesterday after the worship service. Was surprised when I saw this guy in church....

Yes, the one on the right... T.K. on the left couldn't resist himself from laughing at Louis.

Lawson is also part of the cast. Well, I didn't manage to get a picture of the rest of the cast because there was not much time... So, let me introduce to you. Everything, a song by Life House. If you want to see the original skit *click* to watch.
A short skit done by the youths in Wesley Methodist Church of Sibu.

And this is why guys are not meant to wear makeup. Because they do not know how to wipe it off. HAHA.

After the service, some of us met at "cafe cafe" for lunch. I even met Louisa and her gang there. And I had to help Louisa drink some of her Szechuan soup. Ok... Not a dish I would recommend. A tad to salty for me.

No small spoon so had to use the extra big one. HAHA.

Louisa and I

From left: Christina, Grace Su, Louisa, Michelle Hii and Joyce

Our group was too big that we had to separate to 4 table. One for the adults. One for the younger people. And the longest table is the "campur-campur umur (mixed aged)" table. HAHA.

Introducing from left: Terrence, Andrew, Adrian, Timmy Ling and Timmy Su.

And the table with the different age group... Too big that no one paid attention to the camera. No one except Lawson, Timothy and Dorothy.

Then others joined in too. Making the small cafe really noisy...

But overall, its great to meet up with the youths. Its fun to see them having so much fun.
Hope you enjoyed the skit.. I edited the video the best I could.. Not good to take pictures in the dark, needless to say filming in a room with limited lights....


hana said...

omg lawson....

he's like so skinny now!!!


What did he do? I should so follow his plan cuz it obviously worked.

Aaron C. said...

Errrrrrr....... Okay........ Yea, maybe I shud too