Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sedie, Stühle, Chaises, Chaises..... CHAIRS!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!

*BIG SIGH!* Finally, I finished my model, my drawings and my presentation board for my Studio 1 Assignment 2 and submitted it today. What a relief! However, the nightmare is not yet over for I have one more assignment due this week and also a 3 days 2 night camp at Kuala Selangor so I won't be updating till most probably next week or until I get back on Sunday. I shall or is it I will?.. guarantee that there will be plenty of photos from the camp. (ITS THE FIRST LAMESVILLE CAMPING TRIP) OK, back to the post on the assignment 2.

Basically, I haven't been sleeping well since the day I came back to K.L. about 2 weeks ago because of this assignment. Studio work should be fun but somehow, just somehow, time made it hellish for most of us taking the subject. For the second assignment, we had to create a resting furniture. Meaning- we have to design and create a furniture which is ergonomic, aesthetic and functional. And we have to design it to fit our body proportions that is why I had to measure and draw myself *click*. Interesting isn't it? Well, after the coming back from the CNY holidays, I had to show something to my lecturer, a mock model to represent something I will be doing for the next two weeks. Somehow, he liked the idea of me making a paper chair. Yes, if it were life-size, it will be made of paper. Sounds interesting right?

The Drawings of me...

My mock model..
Yes, yes. It is in fact a very interesting concept using paper to make a furniture piece. Without knowing it, I went with what my lecturer wanted. Problems started a week before submission like certain design issues. Almost wanted to abandon the design but a friend, by the name of Daphne a.k.a. the Princess said this to me and I quote:"Design is all about passion, cannot give up one. Must try." My gosh... Even my lecturer stood with what she said. SO it was back to the drawing board for me and finally came up with this.

My initial idea for a paper chair....(final model)

Taking Daphne's advice, I decided to play around with it and I got a few very Interesting and out of this world furniture.. For comfort, I am only guessing that it is ok. HAHA... It's art..

The multi-position chair

Office chair

Just a chair, then I upgraded it into my favorite chair....

The scorpion chair... Which is actually a reading chair.. HAHA.. With lights.

So thank you Daphne, for the inspiring advice. Thanks to that passion, I know am sacrificing my health for not sleeping well. *Whew* Oh well, I want a bright future mah.. Sacrifice looo.... SO fast forwarding to the night before submission day which is what, Last night.. I stayed up doing my final drawings. So basically in the past 48 hours, me only got 3 hours of sleep. Oh well.

Submitting the assignment.

Well, submitting the thing is stressful too. My gosh, had to rush home 2 times because the College computers couldn't read my files which contains my presentation board. Everyone was rushing to meet the deadline. People like me were running up and down, in and out of the building to get things done. At 1p.m. the tutors/lecturers came and see our progress. Admiring some of the models and commenting on some. Basically Mr. Edward was interested with most of the Lamesville furniture. 2 hours later, things calmed down and the sound of camera shutters begun.

Huei Liq's bed ("Looks like underwater", Sherman)

Sherman's futuristic chair (look at the reflection of the clouds, Nice right?)

Hau Yee's multi-functional chair (Look at the detailing.)

Daphne's DE-SPLENDOR (Garden Chair)

Darren's unique chair to fit his favorite pose *CLICK*

Wai Sie's Concrete furniture (Looks very sculptural)

And Finally, mine... See, It looks like a scorpion..

Adding the finishing touches.

Models all stacked up and ready to be submitted.

Why the sudden emo-ness???

I dunno.. It has been a long long week... Need rest... Ciaoz... See you after my camp...