Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fine dining at Lemon Grass, TCPJ

After being in Taylors Petaling Jaya, this is my first time entering the College's restaurant named, Lemon Grass, ran by Taylors School of Hospitality and Tourism, the students that is. Of course, their highly qualified lecturers are evaluating and are there in case of anything undesired. HAHA. Well, I finally got the opportunity to go tonight because Wong Woei got the 4 vouchers for the night's fine dining. So met up with Wong Woei and her friend's Michelle and Samuel at 7 P.M. They were wearing formal attires except for me, who just came down from the studio. Our server for the night was Moo, a hospitality student, Wong Woei's friend's friend. We started out the night with some nice mock tail. Its new.

A mixture of Sprite, orange juice (I think) and Black Currant.

For our main course we had something really simple which is orange slices. But in culinary, something this simple even has a fanciful name.

Salad l'orange, its French. HAHA.

This is Michelle trying bread with the "salad". HAHA.

The two Mass com. girls. Sam was camera shy so didn't manage to get his picture. He kept dodging the camera.

Wong Woei and Michelle.

Some of my friends who came here before or studied in this restaurant had warned me of the food being served. Its all about luck. Whether you get the good chef or the bad one. Well, students make mistakes right? HAHA. SO, when the main course came out, it was time to see if I was the lucky one or not.

The main course was "Fillet de Poisson Marche de Legumes" which is fillet of fish with potatoes and vegetables. Note the word poisson (same spelling as poison), I hope the chef did not poison it. HAHA. Just joking. I am still writing this entry so means I am safe and alive. It tasted nice though the portion is small. Aaron L was there too and he said that it was too salty. So Aaron C (me) was lucky to get a good chef.

Enjoyed the company of the three. Oh ya, not forgetting the waiter who is friendly to us.

After the main course, it was time to see Moo performing the "taking away of the plates" part. It is not, I repeat "NOT" an easy task.

Had to carry all the plates on one hand. (See, Sam dodged the camera again)

However, I finally got a picture of him without his knowing. This is Samuel.

We had to wait some time for the desert because of the other waiter & waitress who started making their deserts for their guest first and because there were not enough tables for the preparation. So whats for desert? To end our night, Moo was going to prepare Mango Flambé for us. First off, he had to peel off the skin of the mango without touching it with his hands.


And the Flambe-ing of the mangoes. Sorry, I didn't snap any of the "fire" part of the Flambe-ing.

The serving. Not bad. *note to self Fambe is sweet, very sweet due to the pure sugar mixed with orange juice, and also the sweetness of the mangoes. The Rum makes it nicer.
*Grin on face*

Well, after dinner, it was back to the studio for me. The usual stress on the face look was back. Sleepless nights in studio here I come. Signs of stress:-

Unknowingly playing with the model we are making.

Playing with other people's model and laughing away.

Showing sad and grimness while making model.

Concentrating so much that you ignore the people around you, which is the cameraman.

And totally lost of words and laughing insanely.

Well, thats all. HAHA..... Happy Studio-ing to all SABD students.
And thanks Moo for serving us a wonderful meal and thanks guys for the wonderful company.
Wish me all the best in studio ya. Ciaoz for now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sloggi, Art of Humanity at Sunway Lagoon 23/8/08

Sloggi held their Art for Humanity finals for its Top 10 Nature-inspired body painting design and also its fair at Sunway Lagoon Surf park today from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m. today. I was lucky enough to get free tickets from Tiffany who is in fact one of the top ten finalist I mentioned above. HAHA. I only found out recently that Sloggi is in fact a brand for underwear. And I thought it was some body art society.

Met up with Wong Woei at pyramid at 12 p.m. After passing the tickets to Nguik Hung, me and Wong Woei headed for the surf park. Armed with two cameras and a bottle of water, I wanted to walk straight in to the surf park when i was stopped for a bag-check. The guard saw my bottle of water and told me that it(any liquid or foods) was prohibited from the surf park. Like what the heck? So it was either I drink it all at one go (my bottle holds 1.5 liter of water) or pour it all away. Well, I can't finish 1.5 liters of water at one go so I poured it away instead. Wasted. Well, later we found out that the reason they did so was because they were afraid that some one will contaminate the water in the surf park. Maybe it happened before. Well, I forgive them then. At least they provided water fountains around the place.

So this is how the ticket looks like.

The first thing I wanted to do was to go find Tiffany and start snapping photos of the finalist painting on their models. But guess what? Thanks to the many many other photographers who wanted to do the same thing, the painting became a private session and not opened to the public. Then not knowing when the finals will start, I decided to walk around the park to see what they have there and of course, snap photos. While walking around the surf park, Managed to meet up with Jess, my course mate/team mate for our studio 2 first assignment with a friend whom I forgotten the name. Sorry Jess. Whats your friends name again? HAHA.

Jess and her friend, Liyana.

Wong Woei got her hair sprayed blue. I did, but I didn't want a photo. HAHA.

Didn't manage to play any of the games because of the long long LONG lines.

So, I decided to stop at one area and start snapping photos of the different scenes.

First, I saw this Sloggi Pick up truck,

Then I saw what people do around the truck.

And those who were around the perimeters of the truck. HAHA.

There was this cool Sloggi sign which started out all white. But after much designing and spraying, the sign begins to develop cool patterns.

Sloggi helpers finishing the graffiti design on the Sloggi sign.

Visitors were admiring the sign.

And photographers love getting a picture of it.

After quite some time, the sign finally looked like....

TA DA... This.... I just love the design on this sign.

At about 2:30, the host of the show came on stage and started the events. First off, we had a dance routine from some team (no idea) but I didn't like it. No.1 Their moves were like they very lack practice and no.2 the songs they used are almost similar to those of Step Up 2.

So to simply put it, it kind of was like, sort of, opposite of entertaining.

Next up was what was very very entertaining. Before I go into details, they needed 5 willing volunteers to go on stage, can me both man or woman. So 3 ladies and two guys went on stage, awaiting their instruction of the game fromt he two host. And would you like to guess the game?

Its the who can wear a bra the fastest game. DUM DUM DUM.... Poor dudes on stage. Brave brave guys. HAHA. The host asked the two guys: "How much experience do you guys have with taking of bras?" Hearing that maked me laugh like mad I tell you. Funny situations, luckily caught on camera.

The two were like examining their bras. The one on the left was like confused with all the straps and the clips on the bra. HAHA.. By the way, the host keeps stressing that the bra they were holding can work as a bra and a bikini too.

The host kept on disturbing the two dudes. See their expressions.

Well, the games stared off and all 5 contestants rushed to put on their bra. No, the didn't have to take of their clothes. Just wear the bra/bikini on top of their existing clothes.

Can anyone say, LOL....

The camera men loved it. Camera phones were everywhere. Yes, its not easy to find guys wearing a bra in public. Maybe sloggi is trying to promote bras for guys. Hmmmmmm.... EWW!

Well, one guy was totally confused bout how to put on the bra and the other expertly clip on every strap. Guess he mastered the taking of of the bra. HAHA.... Sorry bout the lame cold jokes.

Well, first and second place went to the girls but well, the third came surprisingly from...

TADA.... This dude. You make guys proud! He beat one of the ladies. My gosh. *BOW, BOW*

Off to the next game by a cut above. 3 contestants equipped with cans of blue (the theme colour for the event) color spray, hair spray, pins and rubber bands had to style their own hair. The judges are the crowds cheers. So it only means, the crazier the hair, the better.

The contestants were given 2 minutes to style their hair. This dude was crazy.

After the 2 minutes, the three contestants were asked to cat-walk down the stage.

The guy was up first. Ya, thats why I say he is crazy. He said that his pubic hair was hair too, so he sprayed it blue. No surprise if he got the first place.

I feel belonged with these guys. I was carrying my Semi pro- DSLR with me. I feel so professional.

The three daring contestants.

DSLR cameras were everywhere. Many students here are from The One-Academy I suppose because most of the finalists are from The One-Academy.

while talking to Jess, there was this lady who suddenly came up to Jess and gave a a small red packet with a big warning sign on the top.

What is it Jess? Why are you smiling?

LOL. No wonder.

Did you forget that you are having your period? HAHA...

Okay Okay.... Back to the event on stage. Next up was The K.L. Stomppers. If you heard of the group Stomp before, then you will know what the Stomppers does. To make things easier, the Stomppers are those who uses things like house hold items, buckets, ladders, etc. to create beats and music.

The camera is rolling..

May I present, K.L. Stompers.

The next performer was Suki, a local artist whom I just come to know of. Sorry ya, I am not much of a local music liker. But thanks to the event, I am starting to enjoy Malay rock. Suki's voice was amazing. And well, she knows how to entertain her fans, and make new ones almost instantly. HAHA..


Her adoring fans. HAHA...

She is sucking up the excitement. HAHA...

Paparazzi at every angle.

Well, for a Chinese girl singing Malay songs. Bravo.. She is not bad in dancing too.

Then to her dancers.

Well, Jess and I sort of were criticizing that this dance just cant close her mouth when she is dancing. And she is soooo thin. Ain't she not?

The other 2 dancers. I didn't manage to get a picture of the forth dancer.

*Applause*, Starting to enjoy Malaysian artists. Its weird how after staying in K.L. for almost 3 years, I finally am starting to know more about our local artist. Before, I only knew the group Too Phat and Pop Shuvit.
The camera still rolling, to the next event.

The host is back on stage, meaning only one thing.

More games. This time, they are searching for four couples. Girl-guy, guy-guy or girl-girl.

And guess who decided to join..

Not me of course. Jess and Liyana decided to go on stage.

So four couples, all girls were on stage and were asked to blow up a balloon to a certain size. Then the games begin. The objective is to listen to the host to know which body part must take the balloon. Its started from belly to belly, forehead to belly, belly to knee and so on.

You get the point right?

Oh ya, the balloon can't touch the ground nor can the contestants use their hands to adjust the balloon.
The two couples were out very fast. So it was a showdown between jess's team and another girls team.

I guess it was not a good idea for the girl to be wearing her skirt. Look how happy this guy was. I wonder if he is fantasizing. HAHA....

Well, the winner was this couple. The one wearing the pants did some yoga style moves to adjust the balloon using her feet. But the host did not let them go until a few more moves.

Everyone was having a good laugh.
The host ended the game by saying:"Ok, one last pose. Back to bum bum. Back to bum bum."

HAHA... And this was the first camera man to be at the ready. Smiling some more.

They got it eventually. Not bad.

Checking if he got a good shot of the moment. HAHA.

After the game, it was another local band, Estrella to perform but it started to rain and every photographer and everyone ran to the shades. Only those in their swim wear and already wet were listening to them. I was not one of them so I don't have any pictures of the band. It poured for half an hour or so then we decided to go back into the stage area. It was still drizzling so all the cameramen had to cover their cameras with a cloth or a plastic bag. Besides, it was almost time for the main event. How did we know that even though the host hadn't announce it? Well, it was because the judges were sitting on the judging table.

The judges...

Arghhhhh... Mr. Hong look alike, except for the blond hair. (Mr. Hong is a lecturer from TCPJ, so only SABD students will know who he is.

Qings and Kueens performing.

but too bad, the judges weren't paying attention to them. How rude. The judge in yellow seems to be giving me a very angry glare...
The main event began after Estrella finished the last song. The stage was cleared for the model to show off the designers' nature based designs. It was still drizzling so the models had to carry and umbrella to shield their body from getting wet. You won't want the paint to smudge. That will be chaotic and heart-breaking for the designers who worked whole day to complete their masterpieces. Due to not wanting to hurt anybody, especially the designer's feelings, I am not going to comment on the designs.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4 - Tiffany's model.

Model 5

Model 6

Model 7

Model 8

Model 9

Model 10

All the 10 models

After that, the models came to the catwalk once more but with their designers.

Pink seems to be the theme.

What a lucky dude.

And he acts cool walking with his model.

Tiffany and her model. She didn't want me to put the close up shot so. HERE Tiffany. HAHA.... You don't look Fatz. HAHA...

So black.

The flowery designer.

The rocking designer with his rocking model.

Ermm.. Are you a couple? I mean, you worked with each other for quite some time, maybe it happens.

All smiles from this designer.

What a serious looking designer.

After showing off all the models and their designers, it was time for the judges to make their choice and the audience to pick their favorite design and while doing so, Dayang Nurfaizah came on stage to perform a few songs. Sadly to say, she didn't have alot of her own original songs.

Well, at least I got some good shots of this singer.

It was time for the results to be announced and all the models and their designers were back on stage.

Managed to get a nice shot of Tiffany and her model.

Everyone waiting anxiously for the announcement. Who will it be?
The prizes are RM3000, gifts from sponsors and a holiday package at, hear this, Kuala Selangor Nature park. Me and Jess were like:"What the hell? Of all the places, WHY THERE?
Nothing to see there, the facilities well, SUCK.

Anxious models and their designers.

The winner was announced.

And it was the design on model 6 who won. The designer is from Taylors and she is not in a designing course. I think she is the only one from a non-designing course. Wooooo.... Congrats congrats.

There were no tears. Everyone was a good sport.

It was the experience and the people you meet which is most important.

Congratulations to the winner.

No one lost really, because every one got hampers from the sponsors. Kotex for the guys too. I wonder what they are going to use it for. Napkins? HAHA.

A photography session was held after the prize giving ceremony.

The 10 finalists.

To end the days event, Estranged was the last band to go on stage to perform. And I enjoyed their music. It was Loud and rocking. The song I loved was "Itu Kamu". A very catchy love song.

The Guitarist was cool with his locks.

The drummer got the loudest cheer because he was wearing a bra. I guess the drummer is always the coolest in the band. Without the drummer, its not a rock band.

The lead singer. His style somehow reminds me of Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

It was totally rocking.

It was a well, organized event even though it rained in the middle of it all. Really had fun listening to the music and taking lots of photos of the band and the models. Need to thank Tiffany for the tickets. I guess everyone had their fun.

Looking at these surfer only reminds me of the upcoming trip to Pulau Redang on the 4th. Can't wait.
But for now, its back to doing my assignments. Ciaoz. Happy reading.