Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fine dining at Lemon Grass, TCPJ

After being in Taylors Petaling Jaya, this is my first time entering the College's restaurant named, Lemon Grass, ran by Taylors School of Hospitality and Tourism, the students that is. Of course, their highly qualified lecturers are evaluating and are there in case of anything undesired. HAHA. Well, I finally got the opportunity to go tonight because Wong Woei got the 4 vouchers for the night's fine dining. So met up with Wong Woei and her friend's Michelle and Samuel at 7 P.M. They were wearing formal attires except for me, who just came down from the studio. Our server for the night was Moo, a hospitality student, Wong Woei's friend's friend. We started out the night with some nice mock tail. Its new.

A mixture of Sprite, orange juice (I think) and Black Currant.

For our main course we had something really simple which is orange slices. But in culinary, something this simple even has a fanciful name.

Salad l'orange, its French. HAHA.

This is Michelle trying bread with the "salad". HAHA.

The two Mass com. girls. Sam was camera shy so didn't manage to get his picture. He kept dodging the camera.

Wong Woei and Michelle.

Some of my friends who came here before or studied in this restaurant had warned me of the food being served. Its all about luck. Whether you get the good chef or the bad one. Well, students make mistakes right? HAHA. SO, when the main course came out, it was time to see if I was the lucky one or not.

The main course was "Fillet de Poisson Marche de Legumes" which is fillet of fish with potatoes and vegetables. Note the word poisson (same spelling as poison), I hope the chef did not poison it. HAHA. Just joking. I am still writing this entry so means I am safe and alive. It tasted nice though the portion is small. Aaron L was there too and he said that it was too salty. So Aaron C (me) was lucky to get a good chef.

Enjoyed the company of the three. Oh ya, not forgetting the waiter who is friendly to us.

After the main course, it was time to see Moo performing the "taking away of the plates" part. It is not, I repeat "NOT" an easy task.

Had to carry all the plates on one hand. (See, Sam dodged the camera again)

However, I finally got a picture of him without his knowing. This is Samuel.

We had to wait some time for the desert because of the other waiter & waitress who started making their deserts for their guest first and because there were not enough tables for the preparation. So whats for desert? To end our night, Moo was going to prepare Mango Flambé for us. First off, he had to peel off the skin of the mango without touching it with his hands.


And the Flambe-ing of the mangoes. Sorry, I didn't snap any of the "fire" part of the Flambe-ing.

The serving. Not bad. *note to self Fambe is sweet, very sweet due to the pure sugar mixed with orange juice, and also the sweetness of the mangoes. The Rum makes it nicer.
*Grin on face*

Well, after dinner, it was back to the studio for me. The usual stress on the face look was back. Sleepless nights in studio here I come. Signs of stress:-

Unknowingly playing with the model we are making.

Playing with other people's model and laughing away.

Showing sad and grimness while making model.

Concentrating so much that you ignore the people around you, which is the cameraman.

And totally lost of words and laughing insanely.

Well, thats all. HAHA..... Happy Studio-ing to all SABD students.
And thanks Moo for serving us a wonderful meal and thanks guys for the wonderful company.
Wish me all the best in studio ya. Ciaoz for now.

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