Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Final day in Ipoh, 15/2/2009

On the last day, we were given the liberty to explore any of the 15 sites which were given the day before and this will be the site for our final assignment of the semester. And as usual, in the studio world, the last assignment is always to design a structure for the space. 1st studio was a house for a celebrity and mine was Jamie Oliver, 2nd studio is the dive center and for the semester, we are given the liberty to design anything we want but it has to rejuvenate Ipoh Old town one way or another. Cool huh? The catch is, we need to somehow be sensitive to the architecture surrounding our personal site. And so, for this semester, I decided not to choose a site by the water but somewhere which I feel is more sensitive to the culture in Ipoh and that is the Birch Memorial Clock tower right opposite the hotel we were staying at.

No no no... I did not choose the site because I am lazy to walk to the other sites. But just look at the tower, its gorgeous I tell you. Though some beg to differ, I shall hold my stand and say its one of the most interesting sites to work on. Something sensitive to history, for those who remember the history of Malaysia. Where Birch was assasinated by Maharajalela back in the Colonial times. So yea, interesting site right? HAHA.

I will do something great for my site. This shall be my goal for this semester. Aiming for an A.

Some of the statues on the roof of the towers. It seems like they are over looking the small town of Ipoh.

Right opposite the tower is Ipoh State mosque. So now can you see the significance of my site? And yes, the town hall is just next to the tower as well.

After taking photos of the lovely tower, I decided to explore a bit more around Ipoh Town by myself. And found some of the famous buildings there. But what interest me the most is that the main roads were all closed on that day and there were police trucks and vehicles clustered at the Ipoh Padang.

I got stopped 3 times by different officers asking why am I there or where am I from and such. But my camera and tripod sparked questions like which newspaper you are working for? Or which Magazine you are writing for?

And when I answered that I am from Taylors College PJ. They nodded then asked me: "Why take pictures of old buildings? Take pictures of us." Hmmmm... I didn't but I did take pictures of their vehicles. The red truck as can be seen above is not a fire-truck, its actually a riot prevention truck. I saw the shields used for the riots when I walked pass.

There were rumors that something was going on in the Ipoh that day. That is why all the police were there. Well, didn't see anything happening that day so I guess I was lucky.

*But I do want to take pictures if there is a protest going on. Exciting stuff.*

Went for lunch after checking out from the hotel at 12 P.M. with friends then cam-whored on the way back.

After taking our group pictures and putting our stuff on the bus, we were on our way home by 230 P.M.

Studio 3 of 2009

Unit 1, which is tutored by Ian.

Unit 2, tutored by Hasmanira.

Unit 3, tutored by Gerald.

Unit 4, my unit, tutored by Keith.

And finally, Unit 5, the unit which didn't look into the cameras which is tutored by Karlson.

Well, thats all for the post on my trip to Ipoh with the Studio 3 of 2009. Cool huh? Jealous? Well, I don't mind going again. So for those who are interested, lets plan a small trip there some day... But for now... Its time for me to stay over at college for another week to make the site model of Ipoh Old town. This is the sad life of architect students. We do have fun, but the workload is heavy!!!! Oh well, thats life I suppose....

Oh yea... I really miss the custard with Caramel sauce sold in Ipoh... Yummy yummy yummy.......


victor said...

what a great trip. I never been to Ipoh b4 but my friend told me that Ioph has a lot of pretty mui mui.. Is that true?? haha

Aaron C. said...

HAHA.... That is for you to go find out. My taste might be diff than urs.

Philip said...

Must be a trip full of fun and educational as well.Thanks for sharing.

Aaron C. said...

No prob Philip. Fun? Maybe not as much because we had to do our analysis and research. So it was more tiring than fun.