Monday, March 30, 2009

Genesis Culture...

This is my first time buying a T-shirt which costs more than RM20 besides charity shirts and club shirts. But this was an exception, I got this shirt because it was how do you say, A Limited Edition by one of the designers of Genesis Culture, Daryl in his series, Dreamwalker. If you are interested, you can visit Genesis Culture at the website

So I went to their booth last Saturday and got this T-shirt with the name Food for Thought but sadly they did not have my size so they said they will deliver it to me. So I paid the RM40 for the shirt. Why??? Because I felt it was the best way to express myself while doing my Studio work.

So it arrived today, together with Darren's t-shirt from another series.

From the bag, it still looks okay. But did you wonder why it is called food for thought?

Well, this is why.......

Literally Food for Thought. Eat your brains out. HAHA.... Well, it is an interesting way of expressing myself in a design class. Taking ideas from our lecturers aye? HAHA..

Who says I will just eat the brain for ideas, I will eat the bulb also. Love the shirt. Sadistic I know but its a cool cool idea.

Too look for more designs from this designer,
you can visit
For others, just visit their Main website,


samanthacje said...

ah, this reminds me of this really gory short comic i made (on my science lab table) back in high school.

wear it to uni! :)

Brain Damaged said...

Hey Aaron. You from Taylors? I'm Ruben. :D

Thanks for blogging about us! Really appreciate it.


Aaron C. said...

Yes. I am from Taylors. Why? HAHa... Thanks for visiting.