Saturday, March 7, 2009

The moments of time.....

Finally, I got the weekend to myself. No major assignments due next week and on top of that, its a 4 day weekend for me. 2 days of rest then another 2 days to work. Yes, this is the perfect weekend for me. Week 7 just ended, signifying that I survived half of semester 5 already. And although it seems like it is slowing down, it will pick up in week 9. Oh, Happy times. Well, I got myself a new "girlfriend" again. If you read the post I written in the past, then yes, you know that this girlfriend is no human being, she is my studio work. This time, we are allowed to design anything but that something must help rejuvenate Ipoh in a way. Well, I will be thinking of her day and night again. HAHA. Must make sure she turns out to be the best. Not planning to stress over studio this sem. Must design with a happy and clear heart.

We, like an old town hold secrets of our own.
With a history to most which is unknown.
But its the secrets which makes us who we are.
Makes us unique and maybe a hint of mystery.
But maybe its not the secrets.
Maybe its the moments.
Moments in which shapes us.
Just like shaping glass.
It takes time and patience.
It takes heat and pressure to mold glass.
Just like humans.
It takes time and pressure to shape a man.

But what if that man falls?
Then he will be like a sunken ship.
Buried in the depths of the seas.
Hoping to be rediscovered.
But man should not be rediscovered.
Instead, discover.
Discover the meaning of life.
Discover the mysteries that lies within.
Perseverance is needed to survive in this world.
Endure all pains that is shot to us.
Live the life that is meant to be.
Live the life that is meant to be,
Your moments in time.
~Aaron C~

Here are some pictures I might have missed out from my previous posts. Please enjoy....


*ring ring*

Ways of life..

A history.

As time passes.

Feel the heat.

Speed of night.

A monument with a history.

A monument which is controversial.

So far... Its been a relaxing weekend.... I feel myself rejuvenating from stress. How nice... How I wish now I had a glass of juice, sipping it with sand in between my toes with the one I love most beside me. But that is all a dream... Back to reality....

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