Sunday, April 26, 2009

Of music and Good food...

Hmm... Seems like I have been down to KLCC more than I have been to Midvalley or One Utama since the beginning of this year. I guess me and most of my friends noticed that as well. Its seems to us that we been going down to the city almost every weekend for some event of some chilling out time. Well, this weekend was no different.

Yesterday, I met up with Darren, Li Qun and Aaron L to watch and listen to a sound performance by a Japanese, Mr. Norihiko Hibino (a song composer and a saxaphonist) and Simon Lee (pianist/ keyboarding). Reason we knew about this event was because Crystal introduced me to go watch her cousin, Simon Lee perform. And there are certainly no regrets. Love the music they played. Though some were old classical ones, but the music made by the Saxaphone can really melt a person's heart (if you love music that is) and with the keyboard to back up the melody, magnificent. There was also an exhibition on Roland music instruments so before the performance started, we tested it out. I love the electric guitars. Wish I had time to learn it.

So on with the performance...

Mr. Norihko started off by showing us the importance of tuning the mics and the sound before the performance started. If this is not done well, the sound and the music will turn out horrible. It has got to have a balance between the melody and the backup.

Simon Lee, playing the keyboard. Not to forget, he is a graduate from Berkely University in Carlifornia.

For one hour, the both performed a couple of songs for us to hear like "Somewhere over the rainbow" and some of Wang Lee Hong's songs and I only remembered one of the titles which is "Forever Love". Imagine the Saxaphone making the music. B.E.A.U.TIFUL!

One of my favourite shots. Had to edit it because it was blur. I seriously need a more pro camera and a flash if I want to cover indoor events with dim lights. But who am I to complain. Without this camera, I couldn't get the shots I have today. Right?

Well, besides music, they told us about the importance of sound performance and how it is a very important job espeacially when it comes to composing music. Oh yea, Mr. Norihko is also one of the Music Producers for the game "Metal Solid Gear". Cool huh? Well, whoever is interested in sound engineering and music composing, you can go to his website at
Really need to thank Crystal for introducing us to go to the event. For those who are aiming for a career in Music, Mr. Norihko and Mr. Simon are going to teach at Life college next year. I don't know where that is so do check it out or google it.

After the performance, the guys decided to have something good for dinner. Yes, to celebrate us surviving another long and hard semester and since we were at KLCC, might as well find somewhere which is filling and worth the money.

View of the tower from inside of the shopping mall.

So, after checking every restaurant out, we finally decided to go to Chillies since Darren haven't been there before. But when we got there, we were told to wait for another 20 minutes for a table. When we finally got a table, we were so hungry so we immediately odered our food.

Started off with some Bottomless Tostada Chips with Salsa.

Then our Main courses. Didn't get a nice shot of Li Qun's so its not in here. Oh yea.. I am lazy to type out the names so just drool over the pictures.

And for desert,
Yes, Chillies iconic desert..
The very Chocolaty and sweet..

Molten chocolate cake. YUM YUM....
*the magazine is sort of the best Archi magazine to read so its an icon and the cake is sort of an icon... Go figure..*
By the time we finished desert, it was too late for me, Darren and Aaron L to take the LRT back so Li Qun was kind enough to suggest he send us back. And on our way, we somehow side-tracked to Maya hotel to check out the interior furnishings or decos of the place.

The spiral stairs which the other 3 fell in love with...

The view of the interior...

And the deco I fell in love with was the swimming pool area.

Isn't it just beautiful? Bamboo, wood and yellow lights.

In the end, we spent an hour there just to explore the place. Indeed, this newly furnished hotel has a beautiful interior hidden inside an old exterior.
Maya hotel... A hotel with many Leng Luis and we found out why. Its right opposite to the night club "ZOUK". No wonder laaa....

Well, reached home at nearly 1 a.m. and I actually dont feel guilty not doing any work. But the worse part is.. I am feeling it as I am writing this post. HAHA.... Well, week 14 is over, this week is study break, coming Monday is History 2 exam, 19th is final crit... Then holiday of work begins.. Lots of work in between now anf 19th... Wish me all the best... And pray I work harder....

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