Sunday, July 5, 2009

DATUM 2009...

So, I am back from K.L. once again and back to work tomorrow.


Learned plenty from the other international architects. Can't say whom I didn't like because all of them had a point or should you say statement that each wanted to show to the word.

I admired Junya Ishigami, the architect from Japan for his discipline and dedicating and researching and designing his buildings. He really put in alot of thoughts and considerations for the people who are using the building. Well, let the pictures do the talking.

Here are some of his works taken from the web.

Facility of Kanagawa Institute of Technology

A small house within a small area. This design done by Junya was about the size of the table he designed. A house which doubles as a indoor-outdoor garden for the busy lifestle of the Japanese people. A urban retreat from the city.

Yohji Yamamoto New York Gansevoort Street Store

His Table.. What is so special about it? Well, he named it the "Table" back in 2005 and its a single piece, 3mm thick steel, with the length of 9.5m and 2.6m width. And what else? It can move flexibly. And when you find out how he designed this art piece, you will faint. But sorry, I can't find any website explaining it but hearing how he designed it was jaw dropping.

"Balloon", a building-sized warped cube wrapped in aluminium foil and filled with helium to allow it to float and move within a space. GENIUS! Though this is more like an Art-Piece.

Wow, I guess this post will be kind of long so maybe I will seperate it to several parts. HAHA...

The other Asian architect from the each which really is inspiring for young architects and students like me is Zhang Ke from China, whom used left over material or local found materials to build his building. To me, thought the designs are not considered as basics but the choice of materials are really back to basics, where you use whatever in you surroundings and the skills which can be done by the local developers. Imagine the fact that you do not need to import materials from different places to build your designs. Minimizing the carbon footprint and helping the environment in a way.

Well, this is Zhang Ke from standardarchitecture. For his works, it can't be copied and paste so here is his website. *click*

Well, these are the two architects I shall post for now. More to come. Soon.

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