Monday, July 20, 2009

In the garden

So today, while visiting my grandma or Wai Po, I decided to go to her huge huge huge garden to take some critter pictures. I was actually searching for the giant grasshopper I used to hunt for during my childhood. Believe me when I call it a giant because the body length (not inclusive of the out stretched hind legs of the grasshopper) is already 10 cm. And yes, I used to catch it with my bare hands. But sadly to say, because my uncle is doing some landscaping work, the once "Wild" garden is now bare and neat, creating an environment where I no longer am able to find the giant hoppers.

However, managed to take some micro shots of the creatures which I found while walking in the garden. And, not being a biologist or insect researcher, I have no idea what are some of the insects.
*Attention, if you do not have a strong stomach for insects and creatures, please CLOSE this window now.*

But please enjoy the pictures.

Close encounter..... "Beware.... Human spotted!"

"Strike a pose!" "Cheeeeeeessssseeeeee!"
"Dear Lea,
This is what you will be returning to in December. It may not look like much now, but I believe it will loke beautiful in another 6 months. Your dad is doing a great job. There is a small pond with beautiful flowers and lotus and lillies which are growing slowly day by day as I write this......

P.s. Hopefully I get to push you into the pond. HAHAHA....

I was just joking. But the top part is true.

The pond used to be where my grandpa used to stock the timber he sold at his factory.
Timber piled up = roddents = Snakes (poisonous and non-poisonous) in the area. But now, it is cleaned up after the timber were slowly sold and transported back to the factory after the my grandpa passed away back in 2000. I miss him dearly. I guess he is proud of what the land is transforming into.

My childhood playing on the piles of timber with my cousins then later getting scolded by mum and warned of snakes and blah blah blah are still so vivid in my mind. I miss the old days. SO carefree..... But now, its my Haven for photography. The pond now houses creatures like frogs, fish, various species of insects and plants. I sat there for nearly an hour under the hot sun to capture some of the living creatures. Its like the "Wild" in the town.

My grandma loves growing fruits and giving us to eat. And one of her prized fruit in the whole garden is the dragon fruit. Did you ever wonder how these weird fruits grew? Well, here are the pictures to show you the progression of the growth of the fruit.

Hope you get it... Well, its not instant okay.. For those who thinks it is..... I am just lucky to find all the different progression today. The fruit, according to my grandma and mum is super duper sweet.

And have you seen pomelo on trees before? Well, at least I know what fruit I will be eating this week.

And of course, BANANAS!!!! And my grandma have a few clusters which she needs to give out fast!

Good news is, this is just practice... Tomorrow afternoon, I will venture into a jungle and hunt for pitcher plants with some of the photographers in Sibu. I just can't wait. But I am glad the pictures turn out great today. My camera is back with a clean lens, a new set of batteries and a new CF card with 2 GB of memory... Jungle, here I come!!!

Those who wants to join, please contact me here or just meet me at Jubilee park at 2:30 PM sharp! See you there.....

Oh yea.. Please comment on the photos....


peter said...

Very nice! Your micro skill not Bad. The garden is blanketed with rich biodivrsity.

Aaron C. said...


Philip said...

Very nice photos. Were all of them taken at Brooke Drive? See you at 2.30 pm tomorrow.Please wear long pants, long sleeves,jogging shoes and bring some drinking water,a cap and may be also an umbrella.

Aaron C. said...

yea.. All taken there. See ya there. I dont think i have any long sleeve shirts but i guess it is ok. see you then. Hope the weather will be great tomolo.

boonboon2k2 said...

nice photos ,
what lens u use to take those shots ....

-Sherm- said...

abit disgusted by the insects and stuff honestly. haha.

i think composition could be better. should use the 2/3 rule or sth like that. =)

Pretty the damn close up lo. nice nice. haha.

Aaron C. said...

Boon.. I am using kit lens. HAHA... Like if my cam can change lens, i using prosumer. Lens cant be changed.

Sherm.. Yea, i will try to improve in the composition. HAHA. So now i know ur fears. Insects and frogs.