Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gathering with old school mates

I just touched down in Sibu yesterday and tonight, I had a gathering with some of my old school mates. Just in time because they are all leaving for their respective Universities. Some are in Japan (2 actually), one in U.S.A., one in India (JO JO), 2 in U.K. and the rest from K.L. (including me).
Not many photos but it was a memorable night. We started out at this Korean BBQ place near Paramount hotel with some steamboat/BBQ thingy. Chit chatted and catch up on our where-a-bouts while enjoying the "spread"(inside joke). Yes, the place was sort of warm so Ian provided us with cold jokes to chill the place.

The group... All 13 of us.

The girls.

The night progressed and before I knew it, we were on our way to Muhibah for desert and supper. Imagining having just finishing dinner a half hour before and having supper straight after.
At Muhibah, we headed to stall number 5 which according to the rest sells the best "Shui Guo Bing" (literal translation, Fruit Ice or in correct terms Fruity Shaved Ice Desert with jelly) in town. Though we just had our dinner, some ordered some fried snacks. One even ordered a plate of "Kampua" and he even dubbed himself as the "Kampua" King.

"Kampua" King (Ian Eng): "Stay away from my bowl of "Kampua"!!!"

Oh yea, an advice to those who wish to go there to eat the desert because the Aunty at stall 6 (Liasing with stall 5) will ask you why you order food from other stall and not her's and will force you to order a plate of snacks from her; and not in a polite way. But I guess business is bad so she had to do that and maybe she is just cranky because she is old (my speculations that is).

Waited for nearly half an hour for the drink to arrive (Imagine having to make 12 bowls of this and that there were other customers besides us) and when it finally did, everyone was smiling and glad it was finally out. Conversation resumed and I found out that for my batch, there were actually many engineers and lawyers in the making which is a good thing just in case I get sued one day or if I need someone to help calculate the crazy designs to be built. Right?(Just joking guys and gals.)

The verdict... Yep, its one of the best I had in Sibu so far. Not too sweet and plenty of fruits and jellies inside. Anyone can guess how much is one bowl with and without peaches?

Great fun and great memories. Some of whom I haven't met since I finished F5 which was 4 years ago. Nice to be able to meet up with them once again. Too bad they are going back soon. See you in another 4 years or so. Hopefully the SMK Methodist Alumini will plan something in the future. Can't wait to see what everyone has become since leaving school....

Now I suddenly feel very old....
*Wallow in self thoughts*


kenwooi said...

yeah.. somehow i miss the good old times i had with friends back then.. priceless =)

Twin XL said...

Looks like such a fun time :)