Sunday, September 27, 2009

Red-light district....

Got tricked by the title above? Well, its true in a way, it's not the "Red Light District" like Chow Kit or anything; it was just that that part of town was lit with red lanterns which turned the whole street red for the night. The night before last was the opening ceremony of Sibu's mooncake festival at the Sibu Chinese pagoda.

There were many people that night.

While the Dato-Datins gave their opening speeches, I decided to walk around since the whole place was open to the public and there were many traditional lanterns which were lit and looked beautiful at night.
Old Lanterns

Wooden lanterns.

Paper lantern...

Loud drums to signal the turning on of the lights and the fireworks.

*Boom boom and sparkle*

I must say I am quite impressed by how many events we have to celebrate the traditional festivals in Sibu, no matter the race and religion. I MISSED THE HARI RAYA BAZAAR! Though the government here sucks (say a lot and do nothing), they love using these celebrations and events to grab people's attention and hopefully get people to vote for them. My only wish is that they do put the money into good use.

The opening ceremony involved lighting up this dragon.

Vibrant colours lighting up the town.

After hanging around the Pagoda area for awhile, decided to walk to the Sibu gateway where the lanterns led the people to where when one arrives, they will be greeted by even more lanterns.
The colours were just so beautiful but the only problem is.... The lanterns are not arranged properly so it looks kind of messy.

But overall, the colourful lights are delightful (though it made the place look like a red-light distict). But who can blame them? It is still a tradition we uphold but due to the modern Oops, red lanterns or a red lit area becomes something so negative.

Highlight of the festival might be this. The symbol of my hometown.

"I love my country (hometown) but I hate the people running it" AaronC 31/8/09


Magdalene said...

The lanterns are very pretty ! :D

kenwooi said...

wow.. the pictures are good!
nice lanterns =)

Aaron C. said...

Thank You! Thanks for visiting as well.

boonboon2k2 said...

how do you managed to get the firework shot,
i know u pump iso high,
but....still no idea how u can get it so nice

Aaron C. said...

Boon... Timing. Right before it burst, you snap.

Twin XL said...

Such wonderful vibrant images - thanks for sharing :)