Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steamboat at Summers Bandar Sunway, 18/09/09

After all the hard work, it was time to celebrate by hanging out and just having fun. Didn't hang out with the usual gang because most of them went back or already made plans. Well, no matter, we decided to "BUKA PUASA" with Zaki and Najat at Summers. The steamboat place we went to for Darren and Wai Sie's birthday. We reached there right on time to "Buka" and it was Najat who started putting all the food in.
She just couldn't wait.

It was a very simple dinner. Just chilling and hanging out and eating. Me, Gordon, Li Qun, Najat, Zaki and Becca waited and ate for an hour before the rest arrived. They were late due to traffic jam and rain. What a perfect weather for steamboat!

Dinner was great. Plenty of food. Plenty of jokes and chit chats and no leftovers. Finished everything. Yum yum!

For desert, ice-cream and more ice-cream!

After dinner, it was the typical photography session where many pictures were taken; group photos and all.

We had funny pictures....
Plain odd ones.

And normal ones of course.

And this is our group photo. Taken with Daphne's digi-lomo camera.

And of course, the self-interpretation photo. HAHA.

After dinner, headed for Starbucks and chilled there while enjoying the cool night breeze. Didn't order anything but we had a lot of fun just talking and relaxing. Man, going to miss these moments next year when we all go out separate ways. Thanks guys for the wonderful night.

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Twin XL said...

You all looked like you had tons of fun - always nice to hang out with friends :)