Friday, October 30, 2009

My 22nd Birthday and the 300th post

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and thank you gang for the wonderful outing. Lets not forget my mum and dad who gave me a surprising 7 A.M. (YES, 7 in the morning!) wake up call just to wish me a Happy Birthday which basically was how I started my birthday. And also thanks to my sis for wishing me via sms all the way from Melbourne.

Well, started my day by going to college and didn't go for studio because I have already presented so ended up at a cafe chit chatting with Najat, Becca and Zaki, had lunch then went to the final lecture of my years in Taylors.. Awwww... Well, the last lecture was on Vernacular Architecture for Environmental Sciences. See, I paid attention in class. Well, class ended early which was 2 P.M. so the gang said to head for Pyramid for bowling, dinner then a movie. Dinner and movie on them.

People who went for bowling: Me, Aaron L, Darren, Daphne, Wai Sie, Choong Wai, Li Qun, Benjamin, Clement, Elaine, Ruh, Hau Yee, Jun Wai and Gordon
Photographers: Unknown (too many hands and just one camera)

Been a while since I bowled but it was fun seeing the others bowl. The scene was funny. Especially when it came to getting a STRIKE.

Birthday Bowling 5
Aaron L throwing a canon ball and not bowling...

sulking tweety
Tweety bird looking on....

Birthday Bowling 4
Li Qun bowling...

I striked!

Me too!

Birthday Bowling 6
Happy faces.

Only got a 69 for my first round. Did slightly better on the second game. Ah.. Need more training.

Birthday Bowling 3
First Game... Aaron L won.

Birthday Bowling 2
Birthday Bowling 1
Round two... Aaron C won. Wohoo...

After Bowling, went to Ole Ole Bali. It was a Da Ja Vu. Why? Because for my birthday last year, we went to Ole Ole Bali for dinner after Studio Crit, it was the same for this year but honestly, this year's one is 100% better! Why? Because they didn't "decorate" my car. HAHA. But it was fun nonetheless.

Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 1
Dinner at Ole Ole Bali..

Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 8
With candles,

Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 7
And a mood to make you ponder....

Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 9
"What are you looking at?"

Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 6
Great Food! and great company......

Then suddenly, Darren said:"Okay guys, Happy birthday to you......"

Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 3
Dinner at Ole Ole Bali 2

Even more surprising. Happy Buttday???
Thanks for the Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe guys. I bet the person who wrote Happy Buttday must be laughing his ass off and wondering why my friends would write this.

After dinner was movie time.

Movie time???
Which one?

My review.... 8.5/10. Super funny movie with alot of funny puns. It is a must watch I must say. But less of the review, back to the post..

After a movie, we chilled at Starbucks with a cup of Frappuccino and chit chatted. Something we haven't done in a long time. We seriously need a break and inspiration for our work now. It was nice, just chilling with friends.

Starbucks chilling  Group Picture
Group Picture!

Starbucks chilling 1
Starbucks chilling 2
Starbucks chilling 3
Starbucks chilling 4
Random scenes.

Something stupid we did from copying the movie we just watched.

Best photo of the month!
My favorite one is Aaron L's look... So Funny!

Overall, I had a great 22nd Birthday with my friends. Again.. Thank you guys for the fun.
Sorry for the super long post....
Now back to Studio...

*Just so you know, my birthday wish this year is that everyone graduates with flying colours and do well in Studio (and not for a girlfriend like what Darren thought I would wish for)... Hope it comes through. Gambate!
*Countdown... One more month till final day of my days at Taylors University College...

Oh yea, this is my 300th post! WOhoo.....


ClementCg said...

omg aaron lau looked like a monster!

Aaron C. said...

HAHAH... Now u know why he didnt post it up. But i helped him. HAHA

Philip said...

Aaron...belated Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 300th post.Keep it up!

Aaron C. said...

Thanks Philip.

tintin said...

wow happy 300th post! i wish i could stay in one domain longer lol

Twin XL said...

Love your pics - you all look like you always have such a great time together :)