Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh happy days....

After 3 years at Taylors College, which is 6 semesters in SABD, the January and March Batch of 2007 have finally completed their final work and hopefully, I will see all of them (including myself that is) at the Graduation Ceremony in January. It has been a tough, stressful but meaningful journey through this course just to get a Diploma. Next year will be a new year where everyone will be pursuing their degrees overseas. Going to miss them a lot. Well, this post is not about teary goodbyes and sayonaras. It is in fact my final post on studio works at SABD, Studio 4 2009. The crit which happened just the morning before started with me being very excited, then disappointed because all the external crits couldn't make it so only the lectures from our college will do so, then devastated after my presentation ( I guess I expect too much or it was a bad idea to choose motorcycles as a tourism thing in Malaysia in the first place. I really don't know. But Mr. Keith didn't really like the idea for me doing the niche and also other comments which I will not say.) but it elevated back to Happy and crazy at night when we had our Japanese Buffet Dinner at Sasaki (pictures have to wait till Hau Yee post it up) and FULL. So, I am so over the comments and May the long holidays begin.

So for the last time as a Taylors' student, may I introduce to you my presentation board and my Portfolio for Studio 4 2009. Will post up and explain the building more when I have the time.
final presentation board copy
My Presentation Board

My Portfolio
*click the pictures to enlarge it*

Well, thats all for now. Will update more once I am refreshed.


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Twin XL said...

Wow, this is amazing - wonderful job!!!!!