Saturday, December 5, 2009

The start of the Holidays pt 2...

So to start off the second part for this outing, we started walking back to Sasaki at 615. Talk about efficiency and being punctual for something for the first time. For those out there who don't know, we architecture students are famous for being "early". Well, we reached Sasaki 5 minutes before they opened. We were the only 5 who were there early so we decided to start without the others. How "nice" of us huh?

Lucky for us.... We went there on the right day. Christmas promotion just started yo.. RM 53 for all you can eat buffet dinner. Compared with Jagoya, the ambiance and the food at Sasaki, when we walked in looked fresher though there were not as many selections.

Those who came early.

So we started without the others. Who cares right? If the food is staring at us and we have to pay RM53 we should just start and end at the time limit they give to us. So the 5 of us started at 630 p.m. sharp, taking all the beautiful and delicious Sashimi and Sushi.... And not to forget, snapping pictures of it as well.

Yummy yummy... And fresh too (to my taste la)

Can you believe I had 7 fresh/raw Oysters? SO NICE!! Heavenly... But got sick after the 6th so no more after the 7th.

The rest arrived an hour later because of the Traffic Jam. Thank Goodness we went early. By the time they arrived, the 5 of us had already finished 3 rounds of Sashimi and Sushi but we paused to settle the tummy before everyone arrived. It became rowdier when most of them arrived. Najat, Becca, Huei Liq, Amman and Zaki were stuck at Federal Highway till 9 P.M. (sad case)

Here are some of the shots of the night. Many more in the hard disk...

YUMMY YUMMY. Everyone enjoying themselves. Darren showing the thumbs up.

Too full......

And finally...

Our final group pictures as a student of Taylors Diploma in Architecture Technology.

Part 3 coming up.. I think there will be 3-4 parts for these outings. Too many pictures and moments to share.

Just a short note:
Thanks guys and gals for the friendship and Lameship for the past 2 years (well, since I only really got to know you during our second year after all the shyts during the first year). What I learnt that is we need to have true friends to go through all these hardships of what we are going to call life in the future. You guys have been an inspiration to me. Your works and your idea, Your help and your friendship.. Those are the things I feel I will cherish and inspire me in the future. Daphne and Sherman, I know you guys didn't make it to our outing but you are still part of us. Well, *bow* Thank you everyone, Lameville+ABC+Chii+Qian Pei+Many others (yes, our group grown immensely) and may you all have bright futures as Architects, artists, designers and etc.
Hope to see you all in the future wherever you may be. God bless and really going to miss you all. See you at the Graduation Ceremony in January.


Anonymous said...

Look at that cibai unker face ...spoil the image...looks like a mudahole..

Twin XL said...

Looks like such a fun time!!!!