Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009..

The whole family celebrated Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur. I heard that we made the right choice because Sibu is flooding badly due to the none stop rain. What a bad time to have Chinese New Year, during the rainy seasons. Well, for me, I thought I can escape from munching on the snacks of Chinese New Year so I won't gain anymore weight but I guess I am dead wrong.

On Chinese New Year Eve, we had a wonderful and delicious steamboat dinner prepared by dad. We had fish and prawns flown in from Sibu and it was super fresh. The rest of the stuff we put in was from the SS15 market (first time I been there) and also from Jusco. Since it is the year of the ox/cow, we decided to get some beef for the reunion dinner as well.

The Reunion Dinner spread a.k.a. Tuan Yuan Fan

Lovely fresh beef slices

Fishballs, fish cakes and crab cakes....

Fish from Sibu. Oh ya.. This fish known in Foo Chow as Bak Chiong is a "sea" fish and a fish this size can usually only be found in restaurant (because its more profittable to sell it to the restaurants than to the consumers). Well, Foo Chow people prefer sea fish because it is does not smell as fishy as the Pond reared fish... Maybe some of the more pro people from Sibu can explain (refering to Philip or Victor).
Having this with the steamboat was heaven. It was so fresh.. But not so fresh that you can eat it raw. HAHA.

Big prawns... Delicious I tell you...

Throwing it all into the pot. We were so hungry that we decided not to follow the Japanese Style which we normally do (one type of food item at a time), which was taught by my dad's Japanese Clients in the past but instead we did it CHINESE STYLE! Where we dump everything. HAHA. But it is still as nice..

Dinner ended with us eating Mandarin oranges and waiting for the fireworks at 12 to usher in the New Year..

And boy was it dissapointing when it was soooo Quiet in Sunway... Because we didn't even see any.. *SIGHS* I MISS SIBU CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!

But but but.....

News was... Sibu was raining heavily that night so not many decided to play fireworks (since no one can see a thing).

So it would have been dissapointing to be back there also...

Instead of the normal, going out visiting relatives and friends. This year, I went down to the Petronas Twin Towers with my family to walk around. Guess What!!! It took me only 15 minutes to get to the place. Which normally would have taken me what, 30 minutes to reach? First time ever (for me la), NO JAM IN KL CITY!!! I know, I so jakun.. But yea.. It was interesting to see that the City was so Quiet...

That night, we went to Ole ole Bali to have dinner with dad's friend, the one who invited us to delicious. No, I can't reveal his name... because I don't have his consent to do so. HAHA. Well, no pictures taken that night. I guess you would have been bored seeing the same pictures of the same food from the many occations I gone there for dinner.

Second day, we had Dim Sum with Jacinta's family. Her dad was my dad's ex-colleague and very good friend. And Jacinta is an old schoolmate of mine. It was nice to see them again since we haven't met since they moved to KL since what 5-6 years ago? Don't have pictures here either because I forgotten to bring my camera out... Me and me forgetfulness!

That night, we went for Japanese Buffet at Jagoya (See what I mean by I am dead wrong?) But we had fun. I so need to thank dad for his connections. Jagoya was great. The sashimi was soooo Fresh. I dug into 3 or 4 plates of sashimi, had 2 Huge oysters (raw), had 6 Thai Coconuts.. An array of food stuffs from grilled to fried to steamed. I avoided the soup and the steamboat. 7 scoops of Hagen Daz (or maybe more than that), 2 waffles (Yummy with the Hagen Daz Ice Cream, some other deserts and I even went and eat a "sauna" egg. Hmmm... Did I miss anything? Oh yes.. I ate Yee Shan without the Mixing. HAHA... Didn't know mahhh... In Sibu, we do not have the tradition to do Yee San during Chinese New Year. For those who don't know what is Yee Shan, I suggest you ask your Canton friends or those from West Malaysia. They will tell you.


Thai fragrant Coconuts.. YUMMY!!!

And me enjoying the coconut.

The deserts...

Mum and Sean(fooling around as usual)

Mum with Bryan (left) and Ian (right)

Ian, mum and me.

Dad and his friend, Paul.

We went home when our stomach could not take anymore. We were sooooo Bloated. But it was nice. Thanks for the dinner. We really did enjoy ourselves. I guess he was shocked by how much we ate. HAHA.... Boys will be boys. When you have 4 boys in the family, you will understand that we can eat alot... I know, my hugeness shows it. But do not let the other 3 fool you. They can easily beat me when it comes to eating.
NO FAIR!!!! Why are you so unfair to me GENES!


Nothing much more to write. Family went back already and I really need to start doing my assignments..



Eat full full so your Year full full.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, its my first year celebrating Chinese New Year in K.L. AND YES!!! There is not much cars in the city and it is rather quiet here.

To all those reading,


Or Should I say,


Since it is the year of the ox.

Have fun. Eat full full so year full full....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

DELIcious at Bangsar Village 2

Can you believe that after 3 years in Kuala Lumpur and it was my first time in Bangsar? HAHA. Yes, I am such a "jakun" or "sakai". Well, the reason I went there today was becaue the whole family met up with my dad's friend who stays in Bangsar and he invited out for lunch. So at 1230 P.M., we met up and went to a cafe called "Delicious" and surprisingly, the food there is indeed delicious.
Sorry that I didn't take pictures of all the food we ordered but these are the few.

The salads are the must tries when you do head down to the cafe for a meal.

Roast Duck & Pamelo Salad with asian greens is to die for....

So is the grilled beef salad.. Just all so yummy....

Another thing I would recommend is the pies...

Mum ordered a Sheperd's Pie... Yum yum yum!

And as for me, I ordered the "Seriously DELIcious Cheeseburger" because I didn't know what else to order.

Well, some other things which my Dad and brother ordered which I didn't manage to take a picture is the "Mama's beef Bolognese Spaghettini", the "Four Cheese Macaroni", the "Carbonara Spaghetti" and the "BBQ Whole Chicken (don't know the actual name)". But according to them, it was DELICIOUS!! So for the rest of the menu, you can check out *click* or drop by their place at Bangsar Village 2 at Bangsar..

Ahhhh.... Tummy so full!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recruitment drive for Taylor's Photography Club, 21 January 2009

So TCPJ had its Clubs & Societies Recruitment Drive on Wednesday and TPC (Taylor's Photography Club) took part in it to recruit members/people to our club. Well, here are some of the pictures I took on that day. Covered the event with my Fujifilm finepix compact camera. I can't wait to get my Semi-pro camera... Well, enjoy the pictures.

People signing up to clubs they enjoy...

While some were promoting their newly founded club...

However, the highlight of the day was not the promoting of the club but the demonstration of what the club does. And the most interesting one was the Karate club.

They can do the freaking splits.

The Kid can also do it... Wahlaooo... Scary..

They take down people eassily..

They can break lavers of Brick tiles with their hands..

They Kick hard...

They can with-stand the pain...

And worse of all...

They aim for your tenders. HAHA...... It bloody hurts..... I can imagine..

Well, holidays are here. Chinese New Year is approaching fast and I am going to celebrate it in KL.... My family is out so this Chinese New Year, we are just going to Sit back and Relax And enjoy Each others' company.

To all my Chinese friends out there,


Monday, January 19, 2009

KLPAC, Sentul West, 18/1/2009

Opening its doors to the public in 2005, the second KLPAC Open Day was held today and I am just so glad that I did not miss this opportunity to go visit and also help out (abit) with the art installation part. I went to pick up Darren, Gordon, Daphne and Ben from college before heading for Sentul West where KLPAC was located. We left at around 9 and reached about 935. Not back due to NO TRAFFIC JAMS TO THE CITY ON SUNDAYS! YAY! We reached on time and got to linger around and get a few freebies like a KLPAC notepad and the itinenary for the day's event. So first off, after meeting up with Sherman and Li Qun, we walked around and snapping a few photos of the surrounding's happenings. Then we hurried to the sounds of drums and cymbals which signals the start of the lion dance. A very Traditional Chinese way of an opening ceremony and also to scare away evil and bring in luck and fortune to the place.

Surprisingly, for the first time in my life, the troupe who were doing the lion dance were not Chinese but surprisingly, the whole troupe consists of one Malay guy and the rest are Indians. Cool huh? NO, I am not kidding. Its so true. Just look at the pictures below. It is so interesting to watch Malaysians actually getting to practice other races' culture. This is so truly a Malaysian thing.

The drummer and the cymbals player were right next to me...

My poor ears.

Just a joke I decided to do. Actually, this lion is peeling the fruits (mandarin oranges and a pomelo) on the floor which signifies, I am not sure, fortune? Someone confirm for me please.

And while one is doing the peeling, the other was watching and when it was bored, it decided to play with the little children watching the event. It was so cute to see the little children backing away when the lion went nearer and nearer to them.

See, even the dancer is Indian.

Cute right? The way it sits. HAHA.

Here is a short video of the lion dance.

There were many events but I only managed to take some because I could not be at multiple places at the same time. So after the Lion dance, the Young KL singers performed a short jazzy song for the crowd to enjoy.
Here are some of the scenes of the Young KL singers

Interesting stuff.

Then right outside, at the boardwalk, the Indian Cultural Drum Group of Sentul were performing their talents on the drums.

It was loud,

And happening....

Photographers with big DSLRs were everywhere covering each event.

DUM DUM DUM DUm... My poor ear drums suffered today.. But it was all worth it.

While walking around the flea market, we found this rather interesting photographer who told us he worked and stayed in the rainforest in Sarawak and Sabah. He was selling some of his works ther. Kind of expensive though but I must say, his works are very interesting indeed.

After the little chat, we decided to go on out own photography tour of the place. Looking for different things to capture and shared. The old part of KLPAC was just the thing. It used to be a train manufacturing plant. SO that dates back to more than 100 years ago during the colonization times. Now, what we see is the remnants and the aesthetics of the brick work.

And I just love this...

A tree was growing on the building walls. Its just so beautiful.

1130 A.M., rushed to Pentas 1 to catch the dance showcase by the Datin Paduka Seri Endon Award winner, Aris Kadir. It lasted about an hour and since it was dark, and we were asked not to take flash photography since it will interupt the show, I could not take any photos. Thankfully, I could film short footages of it. SO please. Enjoy the one hour show cut to become a 2 minute video instead.

Pentas 1 is the one withthe colourful chairs. Just if you are wondering.

The one in black is Aris Kadir. Super Talented guy. I enjoyed his dance showcase.

Back at the flea market, Wai Sie spotted cupcakes, cute cupcakes to be exact and was hesitating to get one. Then she decided not to. HAHA.. Or maybe later...

Rm2 for one cupcake...

While we were minding our own business, a guy suddenly approached us and asked us whether he could have a moment of out time. We said :"Errr. Sure." and he just waved his hands to signal the cameraman and the Newscaster to come to interview some of us. While some of us were shying away, ben was the first to be asked to be interviewed. Basic questions in mandarin like: "How do you feel bout the event?", "What was you favorite? and so on but before he was let go, she asked: "Valentines is near. Do you have a Girlfriend? If you do, what is the message you want to tell her?"

Ben being interviewed.

So, Ben said he did not have one and yadidadida. Next was Darren and since he is a pro crapper and pro in cantonese, the newscaster interviewed him in canton. Same Questions and same answers. Darren was a natural.

Having fun being interviewed.

Well, Darren waas a good sport. Having fun in front of the camera. Even doing the facial expression the newscaster asked him to do. Smile dude, YOU ARE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!

Cameraman with his weapon for the day..

Well, Wai Sie was also interviewed since she was the only girl near the newscater at the time. Daphne managed to sneak away. Don't have any nice pictures of Wai Sie because she was not really enjoying the attention. Anyway, let us all congratulate Wai Sie for speaking the her best mandarin of all time. HAHA.... *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

Nahhh... Its okay.. We all had our fun. Thanks for interviewing us Taylorians. HAHA.

After all that, we decided to go back to Pentas 1 for the backstage tour before heading out for lunch. And boy were we surprised when we saw he *hem hem* I mean him walking down the stairs. Out of no where, this white man wearing a white wedding gown the wrong way, holding a plant with a white butterfly and red furry balls and two barbie dolls sitting on his red wig, walking down the stairs all stiff and emotionless. He did not blink, his steps steady and back straight, he walked down the stairs in an awkward manner, with an assistant right beside him all the way.

Super creepy...

Sending chills down my spine....

I had to miss his performance because I did not want to be late for the tour. After detouring to some mini studio with dance lessons and games, we started our backstage tour at one with a guide introducing us the different places backstage and the equipments used for a successive show. Technical stuff but it is so interesting.

The tour ended quite fast so before leaving for lunch, decided to take a few more pictures inside and outside of the building and of all the events.

NO, I am not! YAY!

Loving the wall.


Kids were encoureaged to bang the drums and make noise in the Drun Circle: Nomad Adventure.

Beautifully crafter paper bird, hanging on a tree.

And yes, another one of the art installation designed by one of the seniors.

And before we left, yes, Wai Sie decided to get a cupcake.

Went for Dim Sum for lunch around the Sentul area. We were planning to return for the KLPAC idol but ater decided that we were just too tired to continue on. So while some of us went home (Including myself). CW, Wai Sie and Sherman decided to go back to have a listen.

I really did enjoy myself. Lots of pictures. Lots of fun. Love the atmosphere and YES! I would like to go again next year. Good Job KLPAC. Thanks for the wonderful day.

Signing off,
Aaron C