Monday, March 22, 2010

A month in Melbourne...

Well, lectures and tutorials just started for nearly a month and already overnighting in the University finishing and uploading the works/assignments required to be passed up via internet. Surprisingly, the University applied the "blog" system so that everyone can view what you have done so far. Well, if you are wondering why I haven't updating this blog much, here is the reason; first, there is still no internet at the place I am staying at now, second reason is that the University limits us to 1GB (I think) a week on their internet and I am saving that quota for more important things. So after staying here for nearly a month, I am starting to enjoy the cold weather and surprisingly, started going to the gym with my house mate. I really hope it works and I get to finally shed the fat. LOL....

So here are some pictures I took in Melbourne recently, I mean apart from those I shown in the previous Melbourne post.

First of, do you know what or where is Petaling Street in KL? If you don't, go google it. It is basically the China town of K.L. But did you know there is one in Melbourne too? It's located in Glen Waverley...... Really don't believe me? Well, here is the proof.....

Petaling Jaya in Melbourne??
Sorry, Lame!
But yea, I saw this when I visited Glen Waverley during Chap Goh Meh..
Antique Police car

Oh yea, some cultural things I did here, I went for an art performance with my cousin Marlene and her husband Jag at the "THE ARTS CENTRE". But that day, I had time to explore Federation Square more. Never did I realise when you look at it closely, its actually very interesting at different angles.
I absolutely love the floor!

A view of the City...

City at night, taken with my Nokia N95 while having dinner with Marlene and Jag.

If you wonder where "THE ART CENTRE" is at, just look for this structure...

The performance was very interesting, because it is based on an Hindi film but instead of playing the movie, the DJ and his band played or rewritten the music and complement in to the film.. The show was delayed due to the shower but Thank God the rain stopped and I enjoyed the show called "Mother India". Did I forget to mention that it is an outdoor theatre? Oops... But it was fun. I enjoyed the music more than the film. Its a very touching movie and the musicians did a great job complying to the emotions of the film. Here are some not very nice shots of the film.
But I did have a good time and seeing this type of art.

Ok, that folk is all I have for the moment.... I do hope I will get a proper line soon and hope to take more pictures to show you guys. Back to work... I need to put a creepy crawly up my bed so I won't sleep... Weather is just too good to sleep in... Tomorrow's forecast, 13-23 degrees... Cold cold day..... ZZZzzzZZzzzz....... *slaps self* Wednesday History test! STAY AWAKE!!! CREEPY CRAWLY ATTACK!!
Creepy Crawly


kenwooi said...

melbourne is a lovely city.. wish to be there one day =)

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Twin XL said...

I doubt I will ever have the chance to visit Melbourne, so thanks for sharing your pics :)