Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend at Docklands

Good Friday was the start of my week long Easter break and if you think I should be celebrating, well, you are so wrong. Assignments piling up as high as you can possibly imagine and all are due the week after the break. How great is that huh? Well, I spent last Saturday at the Docklands to visit my site for the final project for studio. I love the Docklands. Its so nice and scenic though it was kinda hot. The buildings there are absolutely beautiful. I did show a few in my past post but this post is all about the buildings there. There will be more pictures of the Docklands in the coming posts because I will be going there often this semester...

Beautiful Docklands 1
Beautiful Docklands 3
Beautiful Docklands 19
Beautiful Docklands 2
Beautiful Docklands 6

Beautiful Docklands 9
Beautiful Docklands 8
The small shops have their own unique style and shapes.

Beautiful Docklands 13
Beautiful Docklands 14
Beautiful Docklands 7
And it seems like the people like to come here for their wedding photos. This was not the only couple getting married here on Saturday, I say around 5 different bridesmaids outfit when I was walking around the Docklands.

And at Habour Town,
Beautiful Docklands 15
A pet Dino was entertaining the little children and the crowd.

Beautiful Docklands 16
It was causing mischief and scaring the little children.

Beautiful Docklands 17
It even stole somebody's shopping bag and the poor kid had to get it back... One way or another.

Beautiful Docklands 18
Poor kid.

I'm scared
Stealing from the dino
But in order for him to get the bag, the dino/raptor have to be distracted... So 2 volunteers were selected and they had to do the chicken dance (typical) to distract the beast so the kid can get the bag back. But thankfully he did get it back.

Beautiful Docklands 5
The site which we were given was opposite the Etihad Statium which had a nice view of the bridge, the yatches and all the building around.

Beautiful Docklands 22
Beautiful Docklands 23
Beautiful Docklands 24
Some of the scenes near the site.

But the beautiful thing about the Docklands is the abstract structure/sculptures they put up and also the view of the city.

Beautiful Docklands 12
Beautiful Docklands 20
Beautiful Docklands 21
Beautiful Docklands 10
Just lovely.

Beautiful Docklands 11
But most of all, the loveliest thing about the Docklands is the water glistering in the sun creating stars on earth.
Going to enjoy my site, Going to enjoy my projects... Wish me Luck!


kenwooi said...

very nice pictures.. the structure of the building are nice.. and the dino is interesting.. haha.. =)

Aaron C. said...

Thanks for the comment. Yea. If i can upload the video, I will. Can move, can roar.

ah giu said...

excellent photos. What camera are you using?

Aaron C. said...

Well, i am using a Fujifilm Finepix F11. Its an old model, a compact camera but its great for taking outdoor shots.

Madeline said...

Great photos. I work at the Docklands and agree that it is a lovely place.

Twin XL said...

Just found your blog - love it :)

Twin XL said...

Such interesting architecture - thanks for sharing your pics :)