Sunday, June 27, 2010

Holidays in Melbourne

Holidays are here and the slacking has begun.  Been so lazy that I almost forgotten to update here. It has been a tough week but we all have to move on (but then, there are new things going on).  Anyways, I been window shopping with friends for 2 days, then slacking at home for another two.  Life is good.  Managed to take some nice pictures of Melbourne while I was out, but am not going to post all. Melbourne is getting cold and also wet, been raining for the past few days.  That's the reason of slacking at home.  But anyways, when you have the chance, walk around Melbourne City, there is much to see and also hear.

Night bridge
Till the next post, hope I have more photos to share. Happy Holidays to those who are enjoying it now.  You deserve it.
Salmon at don don sushi
Also, enjoy some food, chillax and enjoy the unpredictable WORLD CUP!

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