Monday, July 26, 2010

Melbourne Museum (July 1st)

One of the best memories I had in Melbourne with my dear was the day we went to visit the Melbourne Museum to visit the Titanic Artifact exhibition. One beautiful day and also a day with many memories.

Melbourne Museum.

It was a beautiful morning with so many people visiting the artifact exhibition.  Waited in line and by the time we got the tickets, we had to wait 2 hours before our turn to enter the Titanic exhibition. Thank goodness the museum was huge and packed with things to see.  Trust me, Melbourne Museum is so so so much better than the National Museum in K.L.

First thing you see when you enter the museum.  The first model of the airplane.

Rainforest exhibit. Boy do I miss the tropics.

Giant dead turtle.


Paul's relative.

Thing that eats Paul's kind.

There is a dinosaur exhibition in there too but didn't manage to take pics of it because it was dark and the bones were HUGE!
But I did manage to take pictures of a baby one.
Fun fact: Did you know that Australia is one of those continents where you can find dinosaur bones?
Yep, you can.

Animal exhibits.

Deep sea fish...

But the most important part of the visit were not all these exhibits but the Titanic ones. Too bad we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside. However, there are some memorabilia which you can buy from the exhibit.  Before entering the Titanic exhibits, we were given "Passenger passports".  It was for us to keep till the end of the tour of the exhibit and on the wall, we shall try and see if we "died" or "lived".  So here are the keepsakes.  Sorry if its too sweet.

Our passport.

Upon entry, the background was actually just a green screen, the background was chosen by us.

For those who watched Titanic, this was the replica of the grand-staircase which Rose came down from.  I know we don't look glam enough.  But trust me, the ship's interiors were so amazing (for the century that is).

So if you are wondering if we "lived" or "died"
We both died and drowned.

By the time we finished walking and looking at the exhibits, it was sunset (which is at 5 pm in Melbourne during winter) so we headed outside to look at the sunset.  When people tell you winter is depressing, I say: "Yes, it is. But not always."

The sunset scene outside the museum.

Examination hall.. Beautiful but scary when you have to enter it for exams.

Sunset in winter. Absolutely beautiful.

But its even beautiful with being able to spend it with the one you love.

Walking home, we side-tracked to Brunetti at Lygon Street for a late tea. Had cakes and hot coffee. 


Sadly, holidays are over.... Uni is starting and its the final semester. Sigh.... But it was a great winter (first winter) break. Well, time to start the final semester with a BANG! Can't wait it to end too. God help me.... 

To my 2 wombat heavy dear... I miss you... Hope to see you at the end of the semester.....


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Twin XL said...

I love visiting museums.....thanks so much for sharing your photos :)