Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunrise on a winter morning

Woke up at six one morning, I am not sure when was that but I remember it was one beautiful Sunday morning.  Somehow, I have forgotten how beautiful it can get when the sun-rises.  But this particular morning, I managed to wake up and as I open the huge blinds of my room, and as the sun shines in.. It was absolutely beautiful.  From gloomy mornings of winter, God decided to brighten up my day with His Magnificence.. Gonna scrapbook this image in my mind.  But not forget, to share with you all who still visits.  Have a great week ahead... Have a beautiful week.
Sunrise in winter
I can't wait for spring... Come come spring.. 

1 comment:

phebe said...

that's beautiful..thanks for sharing!
spring will come soon enough.. :)