Monday, November 8, 2010

The Road Not Taken

Have you ever had regrets? In life I mean.  I guess everyone does have their own regrets and things they wish they had done or had not done in the past. But imagine if this path that we are taking wasn't taken.  Would we have regretted it as well? Some food for thought.....

In the midst of finals, exams I mean, I am somehow still chilling till the last minute to study. I suppose, after enduring weeks of hardwork and sleepless nights for the final studio project for the year, exams seems to be the least of worries.  Word of advice... If you are planning to be an architect, there will be times when you will ask yourself constantly: "Why am I doing this?"  But I suppose it will be worth it when one doesn't quit and keep pushing on and fighting to become better.

Well, since I am so relaxed here are some recent pictures taken around Melbourne City.  Hopefully, now that I'd been away for a year, Malaysia would have much more things to snap when I return.

Melbourne is indeed a beautiful city.  Busy like all cities but not as crowded and uncomfortable compared with Kuala Lumpur.  But we can't compare cities.. No no no.. There is much beauty and contrast between the two.

One thing about Melbourne which I absolutely love is it's architecture.
St Patrick Cathedral silhouette
St Patrick Cathedral
The neo-gothic architecture is absolutely stunning.

Buzzing bees
Its spring, so out come these beautiful flowers which attracts the bees... I love nature shots.

Gloomy day
And even on gloomy days...
Street performer
There will be street performers entertaining the public.. Its just amazing... Imagine K.L. having this, I think they will be chased by police, the donations will be stolen and that is those watching will give any donations at all. LOL.

sleeping Pigeon
The Urban wildlife seems to be well-fed. Another LOL factor.

But the best of all, 
On a beautiful Spring day,
Somewhere in a park, where the sounds of the city is unheard,
You can just chillax and lie on the grass and try to soak up some sun and catch some Zzzzzs'.

Life is GOooooOOOooood!

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