Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper-toy creations

March has became the month in which I find inspiration, motivation and exploration into things which can keep me inspired and occupied. But for these few days, it's paper-toy crafts which has caught my attention. Weird and cute at the same time, I hope these will keep me occupied and inspired for a long long time. Maybe into a business ideas in Sibu? I dunno... Still experimenting on a few templates I found online. Am planning to redesign it soon...

Doing this, it actually keeps my creative mind moving and also gave me the desire to use my camera. Odd as it is, I love origami or anything made with paper. I still remember my origami/paper chair I designed 2 and a half years ago for a studio project at Taylors. Now, it has reached new levels.

Let the pictures speak for themselves: (Monsters Vs Robot-PaperToy Craft)

Monsters RUN!!!!!! Handmade papertoys...

Tag team!
Lets work together! ATTACK!

Monsters fight back....

Monsters lost... RUN!!!!
Technology triumphs! RUN!!!

Okay, Kinda lame... But then, at least my brain is not rotting away. And at least I am updating once again. I am revisiting my childhood so please, no judging and calling me childish. I am not! I am child-like... LOL... Have a great month of March everyone!

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