Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What makes me mad..

Well, its been awhile since I wrote the last what makes me mad post, but I really can't stand what I was reading just now so it's time for me to express it out here. Well, I was watching some idiotic video on YouTube which was posted up on the SMK Methodist Group on Friendster. Nothing good every comes out from that stinking group anyways but this was kinda getting out of hand. I am not sure whether the person who made this video was a total idiot or he was just freaking pissed with himself. The Dumbass (sorry bout the language) just copy-catted the Negarakuku Video, edited it a bit the freaking posted it up on YouTube.

See yourselves.. Its just plain stupid. What is so bad about SMK Methodist anyway. SO what if the principal is not so good? You freaking complain bout all the principals. Before the last one retired, you were saying bad things bout him. Now that he is retired, you want him back.

Give the principals a break la. They are just trying to do their job and its you who is making it harder for them. If you wanna say them, say it straight in their face la. Not cowardly write on the SMK Methodist Group. Be proud of the school la. Do something more useful. If you hate the school so much, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!

For me, I am still proud of my secondary school. It's why I am where I am today. Oh yea. Saw this on YouTube too. Methodist school choir (National champions). Now that why we have to be proud.

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