Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baskin Robbins.... Mmmmmm~~~~

Anyone remembered? HAHA......
Well, it was sa rather freaking, sad and wasted weekend. Sacrificed my night burning the midnight oil to draw the plans, make the model, and planning how to impress the Tutor, Mr. Fabian with the progress and guess what... The guy totally did not come to class today. My gosh... And all the hard freaking work... Oh well, thank goodness is the 31st of the month... And lets see... To see how much stress the Lameville people faced during the weekend, here is how Hau Yee had put it:

sacrificed so much for the model (and Fabian) and were dying to show him our progress.
Let me briefly intro the everybody and their sacrifices
Hau Yee - Stayed up till 5.30am to finish up the rough model as she overslept AGAIN
Aaron C - Rotted on the floor, brains ate up by assignment, eaten up by maggots and of course gone insane
Daphne - Finished up the drawings in shitty mood
Wai Sie - On 'Busy' mode whole night and restructured her interior spaces
Darren - Gone MIA playing with Sketchup
Aaron L - Inserted the blade into his palm while slacking doing model
Benjamin- Fetched the guy who inserted the blade into his palm to the doctor

And Fabian just have to FFK us today.
~Hau Yee
So very true. And guess what... We have replacement class with him tomorrow. My gosh... Where is the rest which is coming to me? I need to redo the whole damn thing before I see him tomorrow. Will say why in a moment. So since Fabian FFk us, we decided to get into 4 cars, all 9 of us and drove to pyramid for some Ice-cream. And not just any Ice-cream... Its Baskin Robbins. MMmmmmmm~~~~ Heavenly.

We decided to get the half gallon tub and shared it among 7 people... Li Qun and Sherman were late as usual.

Old Fashioned Butter Pecan, Fudge Brownie, Hokey Pokey... Mmmmmmm~~~ Flavors which will make you happy... Yeah..... Look at all the happy people.
10, 15, 20 minutes later... Li Qun and Sherman haven't arrived and we were finishing the whole tub...

Where are they?

And guess who these two are? Leaning against each other... Like some gay couple.... Oh wait... Its so blur.. Who may this two be?

Li Qun:" Sherm, look! Oh S**T! Isn't that Aaron?"
Sherman:"Oh no.. We got caught... What are you gonna tell your Girlfriend?"
Li Qun:" Bout what?"
Sherman:" Bout me and you..."

Sorry guys, I didn't wanna reveal your secrets but I had to. HAHA....

Li Qun seems happy though.....

Well, after the Ice-cream trip, we had to go out separate ways and to go back to our daily life of working hard to impress the lecturer. And the reason I need to redesign is cos...

Okay... Back to work.. Have a great week ahead.

P.S.: Li Qun and Sherman are not gays... Just teasing them... Ciaoz

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