Saturday, March 29, 2008

A not so poem after all...

Okay. This sounds like a poem but it is not a poem which I felt like it is like a poem but the writer says it is not. The writer for this not so poem after all is Ng Wai Sie a.k.a. Y.C. and its sort of a love poem. Wooooooo....

Here Goes:


I blame everything on Serotonin


How is it possible that the love of my life brings me so much pain?

So much so that you're all i think about at night before i fall asleep,

Heck i think of you all the time, perpetually in fact,

Everything i do or say reminds me of you,

While I eat, sleep, walk, run, jump... indulging in a game of badminton... you name it I've done it

You even dominate my dreams and turn them into moving images of terror,

Sometimes i wonder,

Why did i ever fell for you?

You were never an attractive lot,

My parents and friends always said that you were bad for me,

Made me change into something I'm not.

But did i ever listen?


Instead i stood by you all this time.

As the days progress,

I find that the topic of my speech has lost all content but you,

Every syllable i utter relates to you,

I even somehow plan my day around your needs,

Attending to your every whim,

Never once thinking of my own.

You conversely has been ever taking, never giving.

Have you ever reciprocated my sacrifice with affection,

Occasional words of care, maybe a single stalk of flower,

just to brighten my days, give me some hope and motivation?


Your like a constant source of stress,

like a leech in my neck,

a pain in the butt.

Yes, I am fed up,

Yes, I am exasperated,

Yes, I feel like throwing in the towel,

But I'm not about to do that for one simple reason,

I LOVE YOU too much


~Ng Wai Sie~

Well, that sums up my love life for architecture too. Please comment!

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