Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eventful Day.. Marlene's Wedding dinner (Part 2)

I reached home at about 3 p.m. from the site visit, *CLICK*, which is actually the previous post and I rushed into the shower to get myself cleaned up. Had to scrub the mud off my jeans and legs. I had to get myself looking presentable for my cousin, Marlene's and he husband's Jag's wedding dinner. We last met in the year 2005 when me and my family went to Melbourne for our holiday in June. Hmmm... If I am not mistaken, Jag had more hair back then. HaHa. Well, it was nice seeing them again. Marlene is one bubbly cousin of mine and is the youngest daughter of my aunt Rose. Since I missed sooo many of my cousin's wedding, I am glad I can attend hers since I am in K.L. and since its a weekend, I felt it was great I can meet my cousin, my Uncle and aunt. Left the house about 430 p.m. with Bryan to meet my Uncle Joe and Aunt Rose at Concorde Hotel where they are staying before going to the dinner..

I know this will sound a bit sakai but its my first time using the smart tunnel to get to Kuala Lumpur. SO I took the opportunity to snap a photo of it while I was driving. Indeed, the time used was shortened but I still arrived at the hotel in 45 minutes due to getting lost in K.L. city for almost 20 minutes.

Waiting for Aunt Rose at the lobby..

Being an architect student, I was restless and decided to walk around the lobby snapping some photos of the interior of the hotel.. Concorde hotel is a very nice hotel to visit.
The dinner was at 630 p.m., so since we were early, Auntie Rose asked us to wait with them in their room. The rooms at Concorde Hotel was kinda small. Maybe its because of the limited space and since it is in the city, I am guessing it is kinda expensive to stay in for the night. Met up with Uncle Francis at about 615 p.m. and together we walked to the restaurant (which I found out later called Saloma) was about 3-5 minutes walk, behind the hotel.

The restaurant was located next to the Malaysian Tourism Center.. I wonder why my college didn't bring us here to visit.. This building reminds me of the British Colonial Age in Malaysia more than 50 years ago.

The wedding party..

The place I thought the wedding dinner will be held..

From left: Me, Marlene, Jag, Bryan

So, since this it the first time I was invited to a mix wedding, I didn't know what to expect. Since Jag has more family members and friends here compared to Marlene, I thought we were going to have an Indian style wedding dinner. Well, Marlene was wearing a Sari so I assumed that it will be an Indian wedding.

Photographer snapping family photos and me snapping him snapping them..

I for one thought that the dinner was going to start at 630 p.m. but when Marlene greeted us, she said that dinner will be at about 7 and while waiting, we should have some "Nibblies" which I guess is little tidbits or snacks in the Aussy slang, before the dinner. Hmmm... Aussy slang.. Cool... So we waited and met up with another cousin, Belinda and we talked. Such a unique experience. Instead of everyone rushing into the dining hall like in Sibu, we chit-chatted while we waited and Mini "Orders" were served with soft drinks or grape juice in wine cups before being welcomed into the dining hall. Everywhere I looked, there were a few Chinese but many Indians. Beautiful and colorful Saris everywhere. Everyone was happy especially Jag's two sisters whom were all walking about welcoming everyone. I don't remember Malaysian's culture having "orders" or chit-chats. My mindset about wedding dinners had always been sitting in the dining hall and just watched the night go by. So this to me is a tad new but its so fun...

Uncle Joe and Belinda..

Aunt Rose and some of Uncle Joe's relatives.

So it was close to 7 and then suddenly 4 Indian men in traditional costumes started banging on drums and shouting. They were welcoming the bride and groom into the dining hall and to tell all the guest that it was time for dinner and welcomed us all into the dining hall for the night's event.

Everyone entering the dining halls

They continued for a while and it really makes the mood very cheery..

Jag's Older sister.. Being the Emcee for the night.

Marlene's friend dedicating the song "If I ain't got you-Alicia Keys" to the newly weds
Her voice is nice... Clear and sounds a bit like Alicia Keys..

The name of the restaurant and in the Silver box, there are some Indian goodies... Mmmmm~~


1st dish.. Well, the rest I didn't take pictures of because everyone was eating so it looked kinda rude.

Jag's cousins advising Marlene on how to "look after" Jag. Yhe guy reminds me of the Itailian Mafia... Don't know why....

Jag and Marlene giving their thanks and speech. And they thanks mostly, Their parents..

So sweet.

The parents..

Which was nice.. Can't imagine how many people will do the Yam Seng. HAHA.

The flourist on the far left who arranged the bouquet of flowers given to the parents.
We had a chance to take a group photo. Asked a professional photographer to take a group photo for us using my normal digital camera and he gave me

Two sucky group photographs.. Geez. And he calls himself a pro-photographer. Even I could take better ones than he can.

Hmmm... Eaten or not eaten? Who can answer the question.. Hint: I haven eaten it yet.

Oh yea.. I need to talk about the entertainment.. While eating our Chinese dishes, we were listening to Hindi songs sang by these two

Not bad... Too bad I dunno Tamil..

And watching Indian dances..


No joke... See the seriousness???


After 4 hours of watching Indian dances and listening to Indian songs, the night was getting late. And slowly one by one, the guests started to go home...

And after saying Good bye to all her guests, The dance floor was open to everyone and Marlene started to dance.....

The dance floor was filled with people... Young and old...

Had to go back early so since we parked at the hotel Parking and since Uncle Joe is the guest, I had to pay RM0 for the parking and the dinner was great. Hmmm... Here is the inside joke, if you haven't reach the part which I noticed.

We were at the Malay restaurant
Eating Chinese dishes
and was Entertained Indian Style...

Cool... Get the picture? It is my first Truly Malaysian Wedding Dinner
Malaysia Truly Asia....

HAHA... 3 cultures under one roof... Unique????? You be the judge...
Indeed it was an eventful day...
SO Happy!!!

P.s. : Marlene, Is Jag an Indian, a Sri Lankan Or a Punjab??? Sorry, I don't know...


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