Friday, March 28, 2008

Little details in life.

"We always see the details which we can see but always ignore the little details which are the most important in life."
~Aaron Chew Wei-Li~

I hope this quote written by me is meaningful to all. I don't usually write things which are useful to you all nowadays so its time for me to show my wisdom. Just kidding.
Thoughts are important. It expresses the feelings and the experiences we face each and every single days that passed ever so quickly. Life nowadays is just too fast. In a blink of the eye and it is already going to be June and another, the year 2009. As we all bury ourselves in assignments, in work, or even in playing our little games. How many little details in our life have we missed? Do you remember all the little details who made you who you are today? Or has time changed you to a different person? Or have you forgotten who you are?

As life pass us by quietly as the mice creeps in the darkness, we need to stop, think and enjoy what God has given to us. No, I am not a preacher nor a philosopher. I am just a thinker. Someone who is just like everyone else. Flesh and skin cover my bones and my insides filled with imperfections. Who dare say they are perfect? Is it you? Or you? I definitely am not a perfect person. Its time to wake up from the dreams that we want and to live the dream by achieving it. The little details in our life cannot be hindered or forgotten. Because it is the little details who make you, YOU and me, ME. All the pain and happiness that we been through, those are the little details... Those are the things that makes you unique in every way. When in sorrow, take it, embrace it, mould it into something that is positive and makes you stronger in life. Life as it is, is not perfect. There are many people out there who either love us or hate us. It may not sound right, but we have to love everyone.

But I am indeed grateful with the little details in my life. Thank God for the friends I made in SABD.
Last sem, I have shyts to deal with friends
But this sem, I have friends to deal with shyts!
- Hau Yee. (2008)

They are really a blessing in disguise. We help each other face all loads of Shyts. Especially the ones dealing with my recent assignment. *CLICK* to see what I mean. They are the little details which makes my life worth living. Thanks Guys.

Our nightmare...... We all share the same nightmare...

His face scares me...

We have ice-cream together... *Don't mind the rein-ass (the tallest one), me thinks he is a bit problematic in the head. Ask him to look at the camera and he looks at his ice-cream.

We cam-whore together....

Screamed our heads off together..

Got our nails painted green for a good cause together....

Even got ourselves a group name. A.K.A Lameville

Another little detail which God provided me with is.....

Of course, My special girl..

Yep yep... Though she is like so far away from my me... She is still the little details who made me, ME. Thank God for her.

And not to forget... The wonderful family God has provided for me. They have definitely guides and formed me the most. Who I am today is all thanks to their love and care.

Yes, our world may not be perfect but God has provided us with the little details in our lives. Whether it be our family, our friends or someone special. This post is dedicated to all the special people in my life. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being my little details.. If you feel that I left you out. Don't be.. Its just cause I can't find the pictures. :P

Well, April is coming in just a few days time. Time just flies doesn't it? I can't wait for my three months holiday...


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