Saturday, April 26, 2008

After a week of studioing...

I am so sorry if I promised some posts but haven't post it up yet. Assignments are more important I guess. I finished and have submitted my model I designed for Mr. Jamie Oliver (only for assignment, not in real life). Took me about one month in hell to design it. Week after week, I got criticised, scolded and whatever emotions you get from the tutor. Well, finally the model is done after a week of sleepless nights and a night in studio with my friends. Yet, I completed it rushingly and am now unhappy of the end results.

I even cut my finger because of that assignment and it was kinda a big chunk of skin. Hope it is not flesh. Oh well, that will leave a scar for life. It will remind me to be careful when using my blade. Lameville didn't have time to snap photos of their models, so I have to wait till Monday to take photo of it. After the class was locked up by the lecturers at 4, everyone was hungry and feeling emo. Since after 3, the only shops that were open is the mamak stall so we all rushed there to have our brunch/linner/brelinner(breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Emo Daphne

Emo Hau Yee Kitty cat

Emo Wai Sie

Li Qun complaining about his emo-ness..

Everyone was emo...

But at least I finally get to eat!

We were all hungry and tired after these kinds of assignments.. Whew... Semester 3 is done... Can't wait for the holidays... Exams next week.. Need to start studying.... Need to get A's... Wish me all the best..

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