Monday, April 14, 2008

Delaying New Entries!!!

Ok... here is the bad news. C.W.L. will be out of service till next Wednesday due to no connectivity in the new Condo. Yes... I am moving once again and this I am assured is my last time moving in K.L. COOL! My second home will be in K.L. and I will be busy to update anything and the line will take a week to move (THATS STREAMYX FOR YOU!). So here are some updates to look towards to. Huei Liq's Birthday cake fight and Planet Shakers WORSHIP SERVICE (RATED SOOOOO COOL Worship Service! THANK YOU GOD!) will most probably be posted up next Wednesday when I get my line back. OH, unless I can finish updating it by tonight, which I most probably doubt unless I am not gonna sleep which I don't think so because I got to move early in the morning. SOoooooo...... Don't be disappointed for I will be back soon with those updates.... Pray for me, those who know what type of situation I am in. Pray that God will give me strength to complete everything and not ignore my studies. Thanks a bunch...


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