Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trip to the beach, Morib beach that is....

Finally, 1 part of the final assignment is done. *WHEW!* Now I can at least relax and post about the 1st trip to a beach in Selangor. I have been here for 3 years and I never been to a beach in West Malaysia. How sad is that? I was not supposed to go for this trip. No, no, it is all thanks to Wai Sie(Whom did not go at last due to some family activity) and Li Qun. Supposed to stay home to do my drawings, but because of their persuasive skills and also Mr. Cheah's persuasive skills to ask us to find inspiration on the beach that I finally agreed to go. The Purpose of this trip is to welcome the new comers (our juniors) to Taylors and maybe to get to know some of the seniors in SABD. The activities for the trip is kite decorating and kite flying. Something that I wanted to try when I was a kid but somehow didn't get the opportunity to do so.

So Saturday morning came. Woke up at 7 to a bright clear sky morning. Met up in college to catch the bus at 8. Was supposed to leave at about 830 but it seems we had to wait for Sherman because the Rapid KL bus driver as always did not stop for him. *click* to see what I mean. So we departed from college at about 9. The bus ride to Morib took about an hour and a half. The bus was only filled with the voices of the seniors and all the juniors were all QUIET (as usual). Well, David *click* tried to break the ice by "interviewing" people n the bus. 4 people he interviewed, including me, when asked about what we wanted to do on the beach, we answered with either we wanna bully David or making him cry. But the funniest person he interviewed was Sherman. The first thing he said was:"If anyone reads my blog, I just wanna say that I am not GAY."

Li Qun, Sleeping anywhere as usual. Wonder why was he smiling...

Mr. Woon, the only lecturer on the bus.

Hmmmm...... Well, we finally arrived at the beach and was welcomed by the bright, clear skies and sea breeze.

The warm fuzzy sun....

Everyone excited and preparing for a full day of fun in the Sun.

Seniors chilling on the beach.

And while they were doing that, the juniors were separated to come up with a skit.

And being the president of the Photography club, David must cover the event.
So followed him around, snapping group photos with my own camera.

Just to let you see how bright the sun-light was.

Group photos

Somehow, this group caught Li Qun's disease and do not understand us when we asked them to look at the camera. Wonder what was so interesting that they ignored the camera.

Five seniors were assigned to lead a group. Get the juniors get to know each other better and at least break the ever so cold ice.

Darren being a natural born leader as always.

The title of the skit for every group was "KILL DON'T LET HIM GO." So the groups had to come up with a skit for that sentence.

Oh yea,

We found Sherman's long lost brother.

And they say this guy looks like me... What do you think?

So back to the post,

While they were preparing their skit, I went around snapping beach photos.

And then I saw this...

What is going to the beach without getting an ice-cream right?

Durian ice-cream on a hot hot day. Mmmm~~~

Hmmm... Whats that behind me?

Its one of the windancers... love their kite flying skills.



I think that the kites attracted me more than the drama. Funny as it sounds but somehow the groups were all interested in Homosexuality and faggots. No lesbians because the girls did not dare act it out. So there were only gays and it seems as if the stories were revolving around Gay-ness. That is so not good. However saying so, I still enjoyed taking photos of them acting silly. *EVIL ME*

MY MY... Is that a girl or a guy? Wait wait.... a transexual!!! OH MY GOSHHH!!!!

In this skit, this guy cheated on his wife...

For this dude...

Leaving the wife to sleep on the bed alone.. And somehow, the wife's friend saw the husband.

And kepo kepo told her..

And then the wife murdered him... And because of them, I got sand on my face, on my camera and on my clothes.. Thanks guys.

I give this skit a rating of 5 sweats!

The nicest photo I took out of all the skits is this one...

So natural, but I didn't get the skit... HAHA...

After all the hilarious skits, it was off to the second activity of the day which was the kite decorating competition. And while the juniors were all off to decorate their kites, the seniors were off flying kites including me, and the other Lamesville guys. Sherman and I got to try the snake like kite and thank goodness for the strong wind, we got to fly our kites. We totally ignored bout the prizes for the senior kite decorating group.

Don't know who he is but he jumped in front of me and I snapped this photo.. Such a poser...

Everyone was having fun until,

Dark clouds were rolling in and the sun no longer want to shine for us...

So we brought in the kites and started to go to the shades but before that, I had to take this shot.


Its drizzled lightly for five minutes only. By that time, every decorator were indoors and as a few o us were getting ready to walk to the shade, it stopped drizzling and the sun was back out. No matter, it was lunch time anyway. Mamak food was the only thing we found there. Price= not bad. Satisfying.

Snapped a photo of this sand castle built by one of the seniors before it was destroyed.

Caught this hermit crab but it was agitated by me so it left its shell.

Everyone busy with their decorating.

While some were getting to know their lecturer better..

Najat emo-ing.

The time for judging was at 230 p.m. in the afternoon. I was not just that the design must be great but also that it can fly. So for the judging, every leader for the group had to showcase their designs under the hot sun.

Then it was off to see whose kite can fly the highest.

Half an hour of kite flying was enough time for the judges to judge on the kites.. then our day ended with the prize giving ceremony and was given out by the seniors. The senior seniors. HAHA.

It was a great day. To wrap it all up, I really did have some fun and NO, I did not get any inspiration but all in all I did get to refresh my mind. Thanks to some of the jokers at the trip.

I rate this trip a two thumbs up!

It was back to the drawing board after the beach. Passed up my drawings today and it is time for a slight rest. Can't wait for the semester holidays.. I really need a break..

Someone save me!

Well, Off I go to bed... Nights... Have a great week!

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