Monday, May 12, 2008

Critics are over and the verdict is????

Critic started late today. Oh well, as usual, architects are fashionably late. And some were too busy that the canceled last minute. HAHA. Architects huh? Well, instead of starting at 9.30, it started at 10 something. Still considered Okay in Malaysia.

The two crits planning how to torture those presenting.
Thats what I thought though.
The one on the left is my critic and he is also one of the tutors for Studio 1 but for a different class. The one on the right was my tutor for the egg apparatus assignment. Those who got him are so lucky because he is a relaxed and cool guy. So to start off the presentation, Doreen was lucky number 1. She was presenting on her house for Britney Spears while we were all examining the critics and see their style. Surprisingly, they were okay. Not like how our seniors described it. Maybe those who critic us are still young and hip. HAHA. Well, it was still nerve wreaking for all of us.

The two crits. And no, the lady (Miss Lisa I think) is not sleeping.

Doreen, the sort of Guinea pig for our group. She presented really well. The shocking part was the Crits didn't bomb us, instead gave us suggestions and advice. How cool is that?

Everyone trying their best to impress the crits

Daphne getting some advice from the critics. These two were considered as strict crits.

Benny doing his thing. Very professional look right?

Gordon not looking like what he will usually wear.

And guess wad? Fabian is also one of the crits. And look at the guys head. Pity him. Must have got it bad.

Sherman looks so like a lecturer and it makes the crits look like students.

Huei Liq got a cool comments. Her site + her tree + her house= totally suitable for her character. Thats what the Crits said.

Hau Yee got the comment: " Now, this looks like a house Tiger Woods will stay in."

Wai Sie got good comments but she is not satisfied. Like What the heck?

My presentation board

And there was me. As usual, I was crapping. Got nervous in the middle. Hope the Crits know what I presented.
From Crits: " Your form is unique, just that the choice of materials can be re-thinked."

Not a bad critic I guess, since we didn't really go into the choice of materials which will be used.

Li Qun presenting while also turning on the music played by the character he chose.
Requested by his crits. Hmmm.... It was so emo. HAHA.

The Funny thing the crit said to him was: " I didn't know that your character was an exhibitionist." Commenting on his bathroom.

Darren got Fabian again. Fab was treating Darren differently than others not under him. Fabian was treating Darren as if they were at tutorial. That was bad. Normal attitude of Fabian.

But in the end. All went okay I guess. Darren and Sherman were busy mounting their portfolio. Huei Liq was too hungry that she left for lunch early. She regretted not being able to take this picture with Fabian. My gosh!!! She is so sick.

After all that, it was time to chill chill and chill at our local place where we always hang out after a semester (missing Sherman who decided to go pool) and this time with Aaron L and Benjamin. After a late late lunch at Sakae Sushi, the usual Bimbiba for some and me ordering Chicken Katsu Don. No nice pictures for Sakae because there is nothing special. After lunch, Hau Yee and Huei Liq wanted to go SHOPPING while the rest of us were totally not interested. We decided to go watch IRON-MAN a.k.a. ORANG BESI (sub-titles). It was mostly a second time for the gang but it was my first time watching it. For review, Aaron C gives it a 2 thumbs up for the graphics and the weapons. SOOOOOOO COOOOLLLLLL!!!! Cool to the max. Hope I can watch it again. We stayed till the end of the credits to see something which everyone thought they missed but it was totally Lame. We stayed back just to hear one sentence. ONE FREAKING SENTENCE!

Starbucks was the next place we hanged out at. This is the time we decided to cam-whore as a whole group. And we call it chillax. "Clillax" means chill and relax..... Nice nice start for the holidays.. Architecture students really need a life. And Holidays are the only way we can have a life. Whew...

Order Up!!

The Girls... Wai Sie went back earlier. And Hau Yee is just showing us how "poor" she is...


The guys: (from left) Ben, Aaron C, Darren T, Aaron L and lastly, the rich guy Li Qun. HAHA..


And then a super lame picture.

Li Qun ordered the biggest cup of frappuccino.

Everyone Chillax............... See Huei Liq's big Yawn.

Everyone looks so dead. HAHA.... Thats how tiring our life is. So stressful.

But overall. Its all worth it. Its all worth it. Great course, great friends,

(except for the 2008 March intake. You all just started)



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Blu3_Darren said...

that guy u mention on the fabiaqn pics. called v-mike.

he has good form and quite nice design. i pity his to 6x6x6 metres, not volume.

retarded fabian spent 5 minutes criticise on him cheating of the size of toilet bowl and stool.

seriously a doombringer.

one word to describe all.


sorry for pulluting your blog.

his bad side enough to cover his good side for more than 10 times.