Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stop and smell the roses....

Hmm... With how my course is going, the only thing I am smelling is stress and lots of UHU glue. Stop and smell the roses means we need to take time from our busy life and just enjoy life for awhile. Thats what I need to do this holiday. Stress-free, care-free and relaxation till the max. I miss Kun Ming, China. Just look at the picture, isn't it just brilliant? So calm and soothing. That was last year when me, my mum and Bryan went on a tour there on January. It was still winter then, so the trip was nice. We even went hiking in the stone mountains. I think that is what really inspired me to go into architecture. I mean, try to imagine creating something in the creation that God has already created. He gives me the inspiration to make things like this. 3 semesters have passed and another 9 to go. Oh boy... Only one third over. Oh the joy. HAHA. Its a long road ahead. Tough but equally enjoying. I learn a lot for this one year and a half. More than I learned when I was in secondary school for 6 years. At least I am not forced into studying what I don't enjoy at all. All those science subjects. Thinking about it gives me the shivers. But somehow, I also don't regret studying in the science stream. It sometimes helps with my designs like math and physics.

Yea, so sometimes we just have to sit back and Let God work. Its all for the best. So all I have to do in a few hours time is to present well and keep my calmness in front of the critics. My heart is beating like crazy right now. I may seem calm but deep down, I am nervous. I am guessing some of ya are smirking when I say this. Oh well. HAHA. All I have to do now is hype up myself for tomorrow and keep running through my lines in my head. Pressure is on when Hau Yee is just presenting ahead of me. And I guess she is glad she is not presenting after me. Big pressure right?
I am so gonna stop and smell the roses during my long holidays. Holiday starts Wednesday and last till July 28th. Thats a good long time for my brain to restructure it self and get my mental strength back. My target for the holiday. Improve in my model making skill and drawing skills. That will be my greatest challenge for the holidays. Losing weight is one thing, but I always say it and yet no results can be seen so scrap that. Over all, I am gonna plan my holiday well. Working is one of the things I am going to do. Gotta finish my industrial training fast. Hope my boss is a good man. Well, I believe that life is built on experiences and memories. So, work hard (but not till becoming a workaholic) and just relax and enjoy what life brings you.

Booker T. Washington Quotes
"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

Its time to smell the roses...

Oh yea. To all mothers out there and especially to my mum "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

To my mum:
Because of you, I am who I am today, You gave me words of wisdom in which sometimes I choose to ignore but regret in the end,
You gave me a reason to move forward in life than back,
You showed me love so that I can show others love,
You have been my inspiration for the past 21 years of my life.
To you I have to thank for always being there for me,
From Happiness and sorrow
To the memories you gave to us.
You have lead me to become the person I am today
And taught me the importance of life.
I thank God for you and this comes from the heart.
God loves you for loving me.
You said that I was a miracle in your life,
SO its my turn to say that you are the miracle God gave to me.
Thanks for being there for me mum.
Love you mum.

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