Sunday, May 4, 2008

Have you ever .....?

After so long, I finally decide to start occasionally write something more useful rather than the usual blabbers and event covering. The title is "Have you ever .....?". Have you ever can mean many things. Just add something at the back and you get a different question each time. For me, I would like to ask, Have you ever thought about your future? The future is undefined. You do not know what is going to happen next year, next month, next hour or even next minute. One minute I could be sitting here writing this post, the next, I might just have passed out and leaving this life. How would I know? Do You know?

I am now an architecture student in Taylors and nowadays, I seem to think more of my future than ever. I am starting to plan my life even though I do not know what is going to happen at all. I plan to have a loving family in the future. I plan to be the best father a child can have and the best husband my wife would have. Though that is what many people would say, I want to make it my goal. I want to be the one of those architects that are known for their works and dedication, but it seems I now still lack the confidence in my design and my ideas. Hopefully I will get to develop myself with each semester I go through. I want to be a God driven person. Where God is the one that drives who will I be and the person He wants me to be. Sometimes, it is just hard to sit down and meditate his words or go into prayer. My busy life has led me into using the same excuses the prophets used in the past. I must change that. I must break that inside me.

I do not fear the future. But I worry about it. Doesn't this sound confusing? Its human nature not to fear but worry (I guess). I might not be the best student in my batch, but I want to know that I did my best and improve myself with each lesson thought. Thanks to the friends I made (Lameville especially), I get to see myself improving because of them. Even though some people makes you stumble from time to time. Yes, it happens to me a lot in this course. "We call it 'Shyts' people".
You just get up stronger and more firm with yourself and learn how to deal with situations as these. YES, THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE STUMBLING YOU! STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Instead, look for those who will deal and bring you through the shyts in life. Having a secure group of people called your friends will bring you far. This is one advice I will give to you. Its not very easy to find these sort of friends but I tell you, when you do, SECURE that friendship. God works in many ways I think. He allows me to experience the things people would not like to experience in life then He slowly brings in those to motivate and become part of our lives. He moulds our minds to become a more wiser person. Its your choice whether you want to learn from it. Or just keep stumbling.

Hmm... I am guessing you are thinking why would I write a post like this. Well, its only a week left for my semester 3 in Taylors. I stumbled like crazy last year. I was victorious at the same time. But this year, when I stumbled, there is always people to pull me up and follow me into the victorious state. I would just like to thank them all. You know who you are. All of you.
Thank You for being my FRIEND!

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