Friday, May 9, 2008

Ahhh... The smell of freedom!

Finally, after 14 agonizing WEEKS of class and assignments plus another 2 weeks of exams, my 3rd semester at Taylors is just a presentation away from the timely awaited holiday we all deserve.

And yes, this is my happy face.

I smell freedom. No no.. That's just chocolates. HAHA. Nah... I am over the chocolate fever already. Now I just need to think of ways to amaze the Critics on Monday. Submission for the portfolio and the presentation boards is today. Try to imagine what 36 hours without sleep feels like. Nightmare I tell ya. But its weird that I don't feel sleepy at all now. Maybe its because I am filled with joy that this is my final time for this semester where I have to stay up till my eyes are all puffy. The studio where the presentation is looking colourful today. With so many presentation board on the wall in preparation for Monday's judgement day.

Some were overjoyed and loved their presentation board till like this.

And some were ditching each others work but at the same time.

Glorifying their own work.

Yea yea, as can be seen in the photos, Miss Doink is presenting before I am, meaning? I need to out-crap her. HAHA. She is one of the best crap-ers in the group. I remember being in the same class as her for Technical English 2 and we were basically out crapping, and impressing the lecturer. Bring it on Miss Doink. The character she chose is Tiger Woods, a calm golfer, compared to my always over-excited about cooking, Jamie Oliver.
So it was an interesting day.....

Doreen, the only sane one with her presentation board...

Wonder why I say she is sane compared with the others?

Benny thinks his presentation board is such a heavy burden,

Huei Liq was her normal self. Laughing insanely,

Don't ask, Wai Sie is just acting like herself.

Xing Yii, presenting his presentation board

While Suja was listening attentively.

While some were rushing to finish everything.

And some just keep admiring their work.

One of the freakiest and yet interesting model I seen in class.
So after submitting everything early for the first time this semester,Except for Sherman and Darren who gone M.I.A., we went down for lunch at the usual mamak stall. Everyone is excited about the

Ya, this is what I have been doing and I didn't sleep for 2 days to complete.

But I need to thank Tim for his help in making this montage. COol right?

Well, Holidays are coming and I am chilling.


LydiaKong said...

i miss uni life. how nice~

Aaron C. said...

Wahhh. got new reader. Sharon sis right? Hi.