Friday, May 2, 2008

Of chocolates and me..,.

I need chocolates! I don't know why but I am seriously craving for some now. Chocolate makes me happy. Its not that I am sad or anything, its just that I have a sweet tooth. Like my mum. HAHA. With 2 more exams to go, a portfolio to make and 2 A2 presentation board to prepare, Not to mention the crits presentation on the 12th of May, I feel that I need chocs to cheer me up.

Mmmmmm... My sweet sweet friend....
Anyone want to offer me some, please tell me. I will be your very best friend till I finish it. HAHA. Then you will have to buy me another one for the same treatment. HAHA. But I am also concerned about my weight. Oh dang it. Why is there always a controversy between me and what I love. I shall never find out. I need to find ways to counter it. Its like me and coffee. I am reducing the days I drink it because it is seriously becoming an addiction and I don't want that. Food has always been my love and my worst enemy. Been trying to lose weight for so many years and I still am the same size as long as I can think of. Its been going up and slightly down. I am so confused when one day someone tells me:"Aaron, you lost weight!" and then the next day, someone approaches you and says:"Hey, What happen to you Aaron? You gained weight!" So, who do I freaking listen to? I have no idea. Oh well, lets see what I can do about it on my 3 months break which starts middle of May. Wish me all the best. Or if you can, SAVE ME!!!!! HAHA. So here are some of the sweet things I have been up to so far. Remember the House I said I am designing for Sir Jamie Oliver? Its for an assignment ok... Not he hired me. How I wish he did though. HAHA. Well, Comment on it if you can. Please oh please. I need comments!!!

A house by the lake for Jamie Oliver... By Aaron Chew

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tin said...

not much of a artistic person, but i guess thats a piece of good art work. looks very pro. anyway i love the chocolates more mmmmmmmmmmm!