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Planet Shakers!!!

I know it is kinda late to post this post but come on... I been really busy lately and haven't been able to blog much. Well, if you like, Benny and Sherman's coverage on the concert was really great. SO check their's out first before reading mine.

I been wanting to go to a Planet Shaker's worship service for a very long time. Notice I don't use the word "concert". A concert won't be appropriate for these guys because when I go in and listen to the songs they write, my mind goes to God and the lyrics they wrote to express their feeling unto Our Heavenly Father. Yes, Yes. I know how some of you out there who are mumbling to yourself:"What the hell is he talking about? Some Christian crap or something?" But I do not give a hoot about what people will say bout my faith. Yes, I am a Christian and I love listening to Christian music and I love praising my Lord. God has brought me out through many hard times in my life. Whether it may be my near death experience with an illness or the times I feel lonely in the heart, God is always there for me.

Bands like Planet Shakers and Hillsong or Casting Crowns and so many Christian singers are those I look up to because they express to God how I want to express my feelings. Listening to their music just reminds me how blessed I am. So when I had the opportunity to go to the Planet Shaker's worship service this year, I felt excited. The only concert I been too is the GMB-Giving My Best, In City Harvest and the Conference held by City Harvest two years ago. And those were to me, not considered as concerts either. Okay, so back to the post.

Planet Shakers came to Malaysia about two weeks ago, which was the 12th of April 2008. They performed at FGA in Kuchai Lama and approx. 2000-3000 people attended the service. Cool huh? The crowd was HUGE! There was supposed to be a concert but because of the crowd and how hard it was to control it, the service was canceled. Mum and Bryan decided to join, which was nice. Mum came out to oversee the renovations done in the new condo. Though she was tired, she still wanted to join us and Worship God. We reached there at about 630 p.m. Met Patricia there. Should have seen the look on her face. She overly excited. But it was fun seeing friends and so many people being excited for Christ. We went up at 7 and got these cool rubber wrist-bands (free) which is supposed to be the ticket to go in. Benny and I had to ask for more so we can reserve a spot for Sherman and his brother and some friends.

Planet Shakers Wristbands.

For the organisers to guide people into the Sanctuary was one tough job. People were squeezing in like sardines. There was one incident which pissed me off which we were going in. Some how, these two guys were quarreling with each other. Shouting:"Why are you here?" in Chinese. The other one answered back with the same tone. It seems like these two "Idiots" just went there for a concert and have forgotten where they were. I pity the friends who had to drag their friend in to the sanctuary to avoid fists and punches. How humiliating is that and in a church some more. How can u have gang wars in a church? Okay, back to the service. We managed to get in after waiting 1 hour in line and the seats were filled up almost instantly. Benny was lucky to find seats in front while me, Bryan and Mum sat at the back. But when the M.C. announced that the floor was open to anyone, I rushed up to join Sherman and his friends while mum and Bryan moved to their seats.

The scene in the Sanctuary.

The scene on the floor.

Sherman's "LETS ROCK" face.

The crowd were getting restless. So the M.C. went on stage to introduce the night's events. He asked us to sing our hearts out and jump and bla bla bla. The crowd went crazy when they saw the band entering the green room. *Note: A green room is not green, Don't ask me why but it is a theater thing. A green room is a place where the performers can do whatever they like inside, whether it be resting, playing games... You get what I mean. So when the band was seen, the crowd went berserk.

The M.C.

Finally the M.C. invited Planet Shakers to come out and start the night and I tell you, your ears will burst with all the screaming and the shouting. The only way to counter it is if you scream and shout too.

Henry Seeley coming out to the stage.

Rudy Nikkerud is the worship leader for the night. He is new but boy, can he lead.

He introduced the band and also asked us to give a shout out to God. He first asked the girls to scream. My gosh. Can you imagine more than 1000 girls screaming their hears out? My head was literally ringing when they were screaming. And when it was the guys turn, It was low, loud and my head didn't spin because I was shouting too. Haha. Well, the night started with the song, "Praise You" where people started Chanting "OH Praaaaaaise him, Jesus, Jesus." Then the worship started.

Filmed some parts of it.

The worship time was amazing. I enjoyed ever second of it and now I want more. Serious. Mike Webber, the drummer of the band played amazingly. Drummers, you might wanna learn from him.

The place was rocking.

There were four singers that night. Two were ladies.

Henry Seeley up close.

I caught the Bassist snapping a photo of us.

The night continued with the introduction to Youth Alpha and also the purpose of Youth Alpha by Jamie Haith from the UK. A brilliant speaker which really caught the attention of all the hyped up youth in the Sanctuary. I quote Benny:"Youth Alpha is a course or programme to reach out to the unreached. People are not forced to pray, they are not forced to believe. It's just a programme to inform the people on what's Christianity is all about in a young and attractive way. Alpha course has actually changed countless of lives." Jamie Haith shared about his faith, his life and the things he saw in the UK. And Yes, because Planet Shakers support Youth Alpha, they decided to come to Malaysia. HAHA. Here is a clip from Jamie Haith.


The many faces of Jamie Haith

After Jamie ended with a prayer, Planet Shakers came out once more and this time with one of their new songs "FREE" I wish I can upload it to let you hear but I don't have the right program to do so. Imeem only plays 30 seconds of it. HAIhhhhh... But it is a nice song. Google it or something. HAHA...

The other female singer. Only got this when there was less jumping.

After a couple of songs, Planet Shakers said their Goodbyes and thank you. But the crowd wanted more. 2000 people shouted :" WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!" Even the M.C. couldn't ask us to go home. SO he requested The band for one final song.. They were so nice. The came back out and did another song..

Sherman and I even got a picture which everyone were bumping into us.

The stage setting was cool. Bubbles were floating everywhere.

And then, there was the solo drum playing by Mike. Which I am trying to upload on Youtube.
Check in to see when I suceeded. Will post that soon.

Nikkerud was filming us and the crowd went nuts over it.

The night ended with loud cheers and claps. Going out of the sanctuary was hard too. I didn't think I could get a cd for the band to autograph so I asked Benny to get one for me.

Just look at the crowd!!!!

Benny managed to get a CD for me and also their autographs. Thanks alot. Now I am enjoying The new CD "Free". Get it if you can because the songs in there is just mind-blowing nice. Ok... Back to studying. I am so glad that I finally manage to post this! I wanna go to another Planet Shakers Worship and also hopefully Hillsong United's one next. Till the next post, Ciaoz.

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