Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Sibu Post!

Yea, thanks to Benny's comment, I am gonna post something about the food in Sibu, meaning some of the traditional Foo Chow Food which can be found here. Been eating a lot during the holidays. Dang the delicious food cooked by mum and dad! It always get to me. I just can't resist. Besides that, I am eating double the amount of meals due to my relatives coming back from the U.S.A., Singapore and Kuching. But now I am back in K.L., I really miss everything in Sibu. Don't know why but I am feeling the blues this semester back in college. Yea, maybe its because of the tough semester I had last semester but it doesn't matter now. I just have to work and and go through with it. So back to food, gonna show some of the mouth watering food I managed to photographed back in Sibu. So first of all....

Breakfast food!

The breakfast dish you can't miss out on in Sibu is this dish. KAMPUA!!!!
But now-a-days, you can get kampua for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, Sibu laksa and a cup of Kopi-peng (ice coffee) is my favorite for breakfast

Or a plate of fried tomato sauce Kuey Tiaw.

Man Ngi or if directly translated into english, it is horse ears! No la, its not really horse ears. Its just foo chow baked sweet bread shaped (supposedly) like horse ears. Great to be eaten with a cup of coffee or Milo in the morning.

Stone oven baked Kompia

Jin Nung Mian (in foo chow). Don't know if this is it the right spelling.

Brunch, Lunch or Dinner....

Cha Zu Mian (direct translation- Fried Noodle soup)

Zhou Chai Hung Ngang (Rice noodle cooked in chicken broth and preserved vegetable). Fish or big prawns are optional. Normal one will only have shredded pork and maybe small prawns and spicy or non-spicy is optional.

This, when picked and fried is called Milieng (in Foo Chow) is a fern usually found in the forest. Great when fried with sambal belacan or just the normal Foo Chow cooking using Chinese red wine and garlic. *Sorry, didn't take photo of the cooked version.*

The red one is also melieng but which already grown leaves which can still be eaten but less tasty.

Snacks and tea time....

Rojak sotong

There are many more different type of food which can be found here but these are some of the things that I managed to take picture of. And most of the dishes I introduced here can be eaten for breakfast dinner or lunch but i arranged it in a way where my grandma will grade which meal it is for. So to respect her, this is how I will arrange it. HAHA.. Hope your tummy is rumbling & tumbling now because of these pictures. For those who are overseas, I know you all miss these food. Well, when we are back in Sibu next time, lets meet and go MAKAN!

More on Sibu soon~~~

P.s.: Sibu is known as Swan city because when the Foo Chows first migrated from China to Sibu, the Rajang river looked like a Swan, thus the river was named after the swan and Sibu was known as Swan city which is translated directly from the Foo Chow dialect.

That was a little something about Sibu... Hope you learned something...

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Bentuckee said...

HAHAHA, good job Aaron! I think you did better than those travelling blog.

I think "Jin Nung Mian" should be "Jin Nung Pian". haha...

For "mi lieng" which is cooked, you can visit this: