Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To all ex-MUFIANs

Thanks to Mr. Sam, I looked back at some of the videos and pictures taken back in 2006 with all the ex-MUFIANs. To reminiscence in the past, I would like to wish all the ex-MUFIANs well and hope that you all are living your dreams and wishes. That was an awesome year and will be remembered forever.
Here are some videos to remind you of what we did when we were in MUFY. Enjoy!

Moral Assignment!

Malaysian Studies Assignment!

Our "unique" days in college!
And finally.....

Our Graduation day!

Have a great life you guys. May all your dreams and wishes come through! Maybe we should have a gathering some day. I don;t know. Just a thought. HAHA.

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