Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Few nights at studio...

Studio work always equals to sleepless nights in the studio. Its only our first assignment and already you can see many students staying overnight in the college studio. I am just glad I can finally rest a bit. After staying overnight for 3 nights and with an average of 2-3 hours sleep a day, I was going to go insane if we continued on in college. Well, it was not boring staying overnight because I have the usual noisy and happening gang with me in the studio. So lets see Thursday > Friday > Saturday > Sunday night. That's how long we stayed in the studio. Of course, we did go back home to shower and nap a bit. But its not really good to stay awake that long. Imagine smelling the scent of Uhu glue, paint and dust in the studio. Whew... I really can't wait for Thursday to get some fresh air at Pulau Redang. I think everyone will agree with me.

Most of the pictures which is going to be posted in this post are of those who slept and were caught by the camera, including me that is. This post is dedicated to those who were in the studio with us to remind each other how hardworking we all are and also how "KIASU" we can be. HAHA.

The first night, we were accompanied by Aaron L and his group which consists of Clement, Arizz and Katrina. Thursday evening turned to Friday morning in a blink of an eye, I tell you. Its like it gets faster when is nearing due dates. Hellish I tell you. But we are still humans right? We still have to sleep. So looking into the next door to peak at what Aaron L and his group were doing, We saw Aaron sleeping on the table.

Peaking through the small gap of the door.

Yes people, this is our so called "bed" in the studio.

Friday morning quickly creeped in and we had structures class at 8 a.m. Imagine going to a theory class without sleeping for 24 hours. I dozed off after an hour of class. I feel sorry for Mr. Chew, our structures lecturer because he was teaching and half of his class were sleeping. HAHA. He kept making jokes about "happy hunting ground" and I think he was being sacarstic towards us. Well, what he said was true. Why can we spend a whole night in studio and not stay awake for 4 more hours in his class. Well, class ended at almost 12 because he wanted to rush off one chapter due to the next class will be canceled due for all the studio students who will be going on their trips for the each respected assignments. Rushed back to studio after lunch and we stayed there for yet another night. Jun Wai and his group were the next group to accompany us that night. So was Sherman's group.

Back to peaking peaking and being "Kepo", I noticed Hau Yee talking to Chi, Ben and Ellie. But their position seems like something very familiar.

It looked like Hau Yee presenting her work and getting crits frm the Crits. HAHA.

See what I mean. Chi reminds me of Mr Kid, Ben reminds me of Mr Hong and Ellie reminds me of Miss V.

This was how all of us looked. As Jess put it, Zombie-fied.

Where we refilled our water bottles.

Yea, we got free toothpaste earlier in the evening. Had to pose with it just to show that even though we stayed overnight in the studio, we still brush our teeth.

Mixed emotions when we did our assignment.

Sometimes doing too much of something....

Will lead to this.
Haha. NAh. I am just playing with you all. I am still alive and yes, that's actually the tooth paste.. After the cam-whoring and the posing and the playing, it back to the serious stuff. Time is still ticking and the time of submission is near.

My stubby fingers at work.

Everyone being serious in their work.

Jess showing off the motifs that she had carved out.

Night turned to day and day turned to night then to day again. We all could not stop ourselves from dozing off.

Yep, Including me. I was so tired that I just pulled up another chair and took a short nap in the middle of the studio.

When I woke up, I spotted Sherman sleeping in a very awkward position. Wow... Imagine how to sleep like this.

Li Qun too. very awkward position.

Daphne, Hau Yee and Jess were so into seeing the sunrise at college that at 6.30 a.m., they will rush out to the garden with cameras and go snap a picture of the beginning of the day.

Picture taken by Hau Yee using my camera.

Back in the Studio, many of the others slept as well.

Ben and Daphne slept on their work tables

Sherman changed his position and a different sleeping pose.

Some hardcore ones were sleeping and working at the same time. Yes, we do zone out while we are working.

Gordon working or sleeping? Hmmm...

The almost finish ceiling....
Four days and counting, the planned time of finish was already way way overdue but it doesn't matter at this point. As long as finish with great results then we will be happy.

Daphne working hard on the roof.

Everything was sort of finished on Sunday night. Only the small details that Daphne had to fix so we went home Sunday night to get some good night rest.
Little did we know, there was a problem with the messurements on the base of the model so instead of having the final disscussion on Monday morning, we had to head to Jess's place to redo the model. At the same time screw on the presentation board.

Yes, Hau Yee. I know the feeling....

Back to work for all of us...

Annoyed Hau Yee.

Our serious faces..... Look how tired we were.

We worked till a point where we all felt hungry so we decided to pamper ourselves with some Ramen and a glass of green tea at Pyramid. Honestly, spending too much time with girls is not a good thing. I was turning into one of their "girlfriends" which is sort of bad because I am a guy. HAHA.

Look how happy Hau Yee was when she gets to eat her Ramen.


Daphne!!! Whats with the tongue?

My kimchi-whatever don...

And it was good. Delicious.....

Crazy moments...

After dinner, it was back to work. Whew.... Lots of work to do.. Tiring too...

Yes, If we were done, I would not be so so sad. I miss my bed...

Everyone getting frustrated..
It was time for another round of cam-whoring.

Master says, its time for peace. Relax your body, mind and soul. Muahhaha.

Hi, I just came back from Paris.

Grrrrrrrrrrr..... Stupid roof..

Apa macam? Huh huh? Ai pak ah? Lai la. (hokkien)

hmmmmm... I wonder what she was thinking of when she made this face.

Group cam-whoring.. Final group photo of the night.
Hau Yee left at 12 because her parents wanted her to go home. I stayed till a little while longer. Went home at three. Daphne stayed over to complete the rest with Jess. I needed the sleep or else I wouldnt be able to present well the next day... But it was finally done. After 5 days of work. Whew.... Thanks guys for the wonderful work produced.

This is me after 5 days of work with an average of 2 hours sleep a day...
Next post will be on the presentation and submission day... Wait for it... Ciaoz...


Moo Shi Jue said...

owh man.. that must be so tiring.. remember to take care :)

Jesselyn said...

eh..ur 'master peace smth smth' picture reminds me of the master in kung fu panda! lol~