Friday, August 15, 2008

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Been out of my zone lately. Not really in the mood to blog. Bah! I am not going to reveal anything here that is personal. Well, its time to bloggy blog blog now. Many interesting yet weird things are happening in Taylors PJ recently. Class started just 2 weeks ago and we are sorta starting to feel the pressure. So thanks to Wai Sie she cheered us up with cupcakes on Monday. NoOooooo... She didn't bake it. She took it from her little sister's birthday party. Oh well, at least something sweet to cheer us up on a Monday morning.

Sherman is still in the process of being cheered up

We were so hardworking that we decided to go early to class while waiting for another class to finish..

Daphne being cheered up... Pink cupcake. Typical Daphne.

Sorry, not enough cupcake for Ah Yang so he cheered himself up with a sandwich

But the picture of the day of course belongs to HUEI LIQ!!! Boy is she cheered up!

But all our cheering up was ruined when our structure's lecturer kicked us out of the Monday and Wednesday class and put us in the Friday class from 8-12. Sigh! and I thought I can have long weekends. Now it doesn't seem like I can enjoy Friday off. So what did we do?

We went to the program office and lazed on the sofa.

Daphne seems to be tired all the time. Must be stealing chickens at night. HAHA.
Well, all of us are still in the half half mode. Not really ready for the 4th semester. But what can we do?
Time to work harder and harder.

The next day, was sort of one of the most exciting day we had in Taylors. So here is what happened. After Studio 2, Hau Yee, Jess, Daphne and me decided to go complete the Masjid negara plans in the ICT. Hau Yee said she was leaving early and the rest decided to continue with the autocad drawing. A few minutes after she left, the fire alarm rang. Oh ya, Huei Liq was in the Com Lab too. So here is what happened.... The fire alarm rang and we all thought it happened because someone smoked in the building. So we all sat there continuing our work. Then Hau Yee messaged us and telling us that all the elevators were not working and that she had to walk down the stairs. Alarm rang and stop 3 times and started again. So Daphne turned and said: Hey, sounds serious la. Should go down already." But no, we continued for 5 more minutes and we saw people from the other classes evacuating the building and that was when we decided to go. Remember what we learned in the fire safety drills? That we have to leave behind all the buildings and evacuate? Well, it never happened. Walking down the fire-stairs, one can see students carrying their models and their equipments. Reaching the ground floor, we heard news that it was not a drill but a real fire. And of all places, it was the basement parking that was on fire, rumors was that a car exploded. Don't know how true that was but the fact was that a car was in flames. So, we were instructed to walk out of the building.

There was a traffic jam caused by people. No one was pushing but the surprising part was that many people were either talking on their hand phones or people like me, were busy taking pictures of the situation. Camera phones and digital cameras were snapping away. It was the first time most of us ever seen that many people in Taylors P.J.

And even though it was so crowded, I managed to see Hau Yee, Darren and Sherman getting caught in the human traffic jam.
Knowing where to see the proof of a fire, went to the vents that allows the smoke to escape from the basement car park. So it was a must to take a picture of the proof.

Manage to see Hau Yee to. She was chilling with a Kit-Kat. Surprisingly, 7-eleven was open during the incident. HAHA..

*photoshop done by Darren* Yep, so true. Because of the fire, I didn't get the drawings done nor did Daphne.

The fire department was there even before I evacuated the building. Wonder why this one was sort of late. Different team I guess.

So many people...

Met up with those form the TCCF (Taylors College Christian Fellowship) who were supposed to celebrate their 1 year anniversary until the fire broke out but thank God that they did after the building was dubbed safe at about 5p.m.

Hmmm... Nothing much to write anymore. No mood. Well, at least Lameville is back. HAHA... SO to end this post, Happy Stressing guys. HAHA..

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