Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday in Taylors P.J. is so different than on other days. Why? Because there are not many people having classes on that day. Only the unlucky ones that have to take structures class have to undergo 4 hours of lecture, straight every Friday. Well, had an interview today for a post in the photography club. Had an early lunch then headed up to the E.C.A for the interview. While walking up the stairs, we found some of the remaining signs which was posted yesterday for Sherman's and Li Qun's belated birthday surprise. I wasn't there yesterday because I had to send mum and aunty Jo to the airport so have to wait till some of the Lameville bloggers to post it up in their blogs.
The only thing I knew is it was sort of like a wedding ceremony+amazing race.

Well, Sherman was lost even after the race has ended.

Huei Liq and Daphne had to print and paste this around college. And being a college, there were people who took off the sign and misled the two. How mean!

Today is all about the interview. Only 14 of us turned up to try to get the post of president, V. president, treasurer and etc.

One by one, we were interviewed by the E.C.A. Director and while we were waiting, we talked and we laughed and laughed some more. The interview I had was ok. The director asked which Secondary school I was from and when I said I was from Sarawak, he asked me: "Are you mix or pure Chinese?" Hmmm.... Of course I am pure Chinese, no Iban or Melanau blood in my veins. But yea, I get this alot. Mum, are our ancestors westerners? HAHA.... Well, I have to do research on my family tree then.

Came back after the interview and decided to go play with the 3 baby hamsters. They are just too cute to resist. Had to get a nice photo of them. Being more than 2 weeks old, fur grown, eyes open, I was allowed to hold those three adorable things. Serious. Judge for yourself.

"There is no room for me to escape. Give up give up."

"Stay away from my cornflakes!"

Well, I guess it was like climbing Mount Everest because of it's size

Well, I guess I am starting to have mood to blog again. Hope to post more things up. Assignment are beginning to get busy. My eyes are already baggy.

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